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CRC for Asthma 

K-25 Medical Foundation Building
University of Sydney
Sydney  New South Wales  2006  Australia
Phone: 61-2-9036-3125 Fax: 61-2-9036-3129

The CRC for Asthma is a joint venture between two medical research institutes, three universities, two pharmaceutical companies and the New South Wales Department of Health. The key researchers are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth and collectively they are one of the strongest asthma research teams in the world.

There are 4 broad areas of research:

Immunomodulation & Allergy

Strategies which fully define critical allergens in the allergic immune response with resultant improved diagnostic tests, novel treatment regimens and assays to monitor clinical efficacy will cause a significant reduction in the burden of asthma. The aim of this project is to develop vaccines that down-regulate pathogenic allergen-specific Th2-type cytokine production and to establish a laboratory assay that reliably monitors immunotherapy efficacy.


Defining the genetic and molecular basis of asthma will give insight into the pathophysiology of the condition and help us to understand why some people get asthma, why there are different asthma subtypes, why asthma severities vary and how genetics influences treatment responses.

Asthma Management & Prevention

This program endeavours to minimise the burden of long-term drug treatment and in some cases, substantial disability by:

  • studying the effectiveness of interventions in preventing asthma
  • undertaking trials to better target treatment
  • gaining an understanding of the attitudes of consumers and health professionals
  • assessing the economic burden on the individual and community
  • developing enhanced guidelines for health professionals

    Pathophysiology & Diagnosis

    The definition, diagnosis, assessment, treatment and monitoring of any condition is dependent on a clear understanding of the pathophysiology. The fact that there is still argument about even the definition of asthma is an indication that the pathophysiology is still unclear. The projects in this program are designed to provide a better understanding of the fundamental problem in asthma ie. airway obstruction.

    Last Updated: 04-27-04

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