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Uppsala Universitet 

International Office
Box 256
SE-751 05    Uppsala  Sweden
Phone: 46-0-18-471-0000 Fax: +46-0-18-471-1600


Company News
Beactica Announces Glioblastoma Research Collaboration With Uppsala Universitet And The DDD Platform At SciLifeLab 5/16/2017 12:15:52 PM
New Brain Tweak Can Help You Combat Your Fear Of Spiders, Uppsala Universitet Study 8/26/2016 7:03:39 AM
Loss Of Y Chromosome In Men Linked To Alzheimer's Disease, Uppsala Universitet Study 5/24/2016 6:58:53 AM
Implants Can Help Deaf People Hear Again, Uppsala Universitet Study 4/25/2016 7:11:26 AM
One Reason Why Women Outlive Men, Uppsala Universitet Study 4/19/2016 7:07:00 AM
Antibody Provide A More Exact Alzheimer's Diagnosis Radioactive Tracers, Uppsala Universitet Reveals 2/22/2016 9:35:35 AM
New Method For Better Treatment Of Breast Cancer, Uppsala Universitet Study 12/30/2015 7:53:08 AM
Early Contact With Dogs Linked To Lower Risk Of Asthma, Uppsala Universitet Study 11/3/2015 7:02:48 AM
New Method To Predict Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer, Uppsala Universitet Study 10/2/2015 8:19:43 AM
Sleep Loss Makes Memories Less Accessible In Stressful Situations, Uppsala Universitet Study 7/14/2015 6:52:16 AM