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Nectagen, Inc. 

2002 W 39th Avenue

Kansas City  Kansas  66103  U.S.A.
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Founded in 2009, Nectagen provides single-domain antibody mimetic reagents supported by a web-accessible database of reference and applications data. Nectagen develops a critical mass of tools and reagents, supports user development of new modifications and applications, and ensures open access to said technology for the academic community. Nectagen’s product offerings consist of single domain antibody mimetics which utilize our nanoCLAMP™ technology. The nanoCLAMP™ single domain antibody mimetics are comparable to nanobodies, but are optimized for use in research and are the first polyol-responsive antibody mimetics to be described in the literature. Nectagen’s database contains detailed protocols, quantitative performance data, and qualitative assessments for different nanoCLAMP™-target pairs. Furthermore, Nectagen provides customers with significant discounts on products in exchange for contributing data to the Nectagen community.

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Ownership: Private

Web Site: Nectagen


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