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Berg Pharma 

500 Old Connecticut Path
Bldg. B
Framingham  Massachusetts  01701  U.S.A.
Phone: 617-588-2188 Fax: n/a


Berg Pharma has embarked on a bold quest to engage the understanding of human biology to truly decipher the molecular fingerprints of disease at its core. Use of the Berg Biosystems Interrogative Biology™drug discovery platform allows for hallmark insight into disease networks by robust modeling that uses healthy tissue comparisons as a guiding component to unravel the molecular and cellular events that lead to a given pathology.

Berg Pharma aims to conquer disease by using the unique output of Interrogative Biology™ to identify and develop therapeutic targets that are safe, effective, and based on the bio-intelligence from the human system. There is no screening of chemical libraries or use of synthetic compounds that have the potential to cause toxicity. Our therapeutic product pipeline is based on organic compounds that are endogenously found in the body to normalize the disease microenvironment by employing the body's own machinery to fix itself. Hence, we strive to develop clinically effective drugs with safety profiles that do not adversely affect the quality of life of patients.

The Berg M3™ disease platform represents, "Mitochondrial Metabolic Modulator" which focuses on molecules identified from the Interrogative Biology™ platform that controls the overall health and function of mitochondria. Mitochondria are key components in human cells to produce cellular energy and maintain an overall healthy metabolism. Oxidative stress, injury, mutations, and altered metabolism may affect mitochondria in ways that lead to disease.

BPM 31510 and BPM 31543 are molecules identified from our platforms and are in various stages of development in addition to other disease candidates for cancer, endocrinology, and CNS diseases. Powered by the Interrogative Biology™ platform, our vision is that the Berg Pharma Discovery & Development model for new drugs and diagnostics will result in faster clinical validation and safer, more effective therapies for patients worldwide.

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