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Norwich Pharma Services 

6826 State Highway 12

Norwich  New York  13815  U.S.A.
Phone: 888-674-7979 Fax: 607-335-3100


Norwich Pharma Services
Focusing on your Patients. Focusing on You.

Synchronized Outsourced Solutions
Norwich offers complete services for a product’s entire lifespan, which provides your project with an efficiency and consistency of service that helps bring it to market faster and more cost-effectively.

A recognized leader in full-service contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, Norwich offers customers solutions with the highest level of quality and reliability from product development to scale-up and commercial manufacturing through clinical services.

A Long History of Quality
For more than 127 years, Norwich has built a reputation for dependable product supply and established an unparalleled history of regulatory compliance. Each day, the Norwich team strives to deliver uncommon value and be the first choice of customers for pharmaceutical contract services.

Product Development and Technical Services
Companies seeking product development and technical services can turn to Norwich for:
• Engineering solutions
• Formulation
• Analytical method development and validation
• Process optimization
• Scalable manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing
Norwich employs cutting-edge technologies to satisfy a wide spectrum of project demands, including products that are difficult to manufacture.

Norwich’s commercial production capabilities include:
• Potent compounds handling
• DEA scheduled compounds
• Dry blending
• Wet and dry granulation
• Fluid bed granulation and Wurster coating
• Tabletting, including bi-layer tabs
• Encapsulation and capsule banding
• Tablet coating and printing
• Solvent coating

Norwich packaging suites are self-contained and include the following capabilities:
• Solid dose
• Bottle and blister packaging technology
• Slat and slatless fillers

Clinical Research Services
Norwich offers a range of clinical services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our unique combination of clinical expertise, therapeutic experience, equipment and processes means that Norwich can manage and overcome challenges with specific focus on maximizing project budgets and meeting timelines. Clinical services include:

• Pharmacovigilance
  o Comprehensive, low-cost services for pre-marketing, product safety, post-market surveillance and data analysis
  o Oracle AERS 24x7 call center monitoring
  o Large volume data migration capability
  o FDA, EMA and CEE country submissions via eCTD utilizing eCentral
• Bioanalytical services
  o Method development and validation
  o Sample Analysis
  o HPLC & LC-MS/MS analysis of drug and metabolites and biological fluids
• Clinical research programs
  o Multiple hospital-based clinic locations
  o Drug metabolism studies
  o Dose proportionality studies
  o Experience in multiple dosage forms

Key Statistics

Ownership: Private

Web Site: Norwich Pharma Services

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