Spectral Medical Inc.

135 The West Mall, Unit 2
M9C 1C2

Tel: 416-626-3233 or 888-426-4264
Fax: 416-626-7383

Email: info@spectraldx.com

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About Spectral Medical Inc.

Sepsis affects approximately 1,000,000 patients in the U.S. alone each year and millions worldwide. The ability to rapidly and accurately diagnose and treat this deadly disease remains one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare professionals today. Using a unique and innovative theranostics approach, Spectral Medical is committed to decreasing the unacceptably high mortality rates caused by sepsis. By combining complementary diagnostics and therapeutics, or theranostics, Spectral’s vision is to provide products that will enable vastly improved outcomes of patients with severe sepsis.
CEO: Paul Walker
CFO: Tony Businskas
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