Intensity Therapeutics, Inc.

8 Wright Street
Suite 107
United States

Tel: 203-682-2434
Fax: 203-664-1051


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About Intensity Therapeutics, Inc.

Intensity Therapeutics is a biotechnology company whose mission is to greatly extend the lives of cancer patients. Late stage solid cancer consists of well-defined visible tumors and unseen micro-metastases either in the blood or body tissue. Cancer is thus both a regional and a systemic disease. To have an effective treatment against cancer one must destroy both the existing large observable tumors as well as the unseen micrometastases. Intensity Therapeutics was thus founded to develop a new approach to treat both the big and the small aspects of the disease - in situ vaccination. Using our DfuseRxSM platform, we create novel formulations of proven drugs. Our products have high diffusion and dispersion properties in tumors. When injected directly into a tumor or visible metastases these products are able to kill the tumors and create sites for an adaptive immune response. The observed adaptive immune response further increases the efficacy of our system to destroy or regress the tumor, eliminate secondary tumors and micrometastases as well. The Company demonstrated that complete regression (CR) of large tumors in mice is possible using the technology. Animals that had a CR became fully resistant to re-inoculation of the same cancer.
CEO: Lewis H. Bender
Chief Medical Officer: Ian B. Walters, MD

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