Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

(A subsidiary of Aventis S.A.)
300 Somerset Corporate Boulevard
New Jersey
United States

Tel: 800-981-2491

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About Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Hoechst Marion Roussel and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer have adopted the name Aventis Pharmaceuticals to create: A new world class leader in the pharmaceutical industry.
From the start, Aventis Pharmaceuticals will have the resources to become a leader in today's highly competitive pharmaceutical industry: one of the world's largest research and development budgets, commercial strengths in all of the world's major markets, experienced international management and an outstanding workforce. This 13 billion euro giant ranks among the leaders worldwide in prescription drug sales, has a sales force with proven effectiveness, and a robust market presence around the world.
Our mission is to generate a continuous flow of significant therapies to support the competitiveness and growth of Aventis by:
  • Fostering a creative and open environment that leverages our diversity and in which teamwork and communication flourish
  • Realizing employees potential to contribute to human health and the quality of life
  • Generating and transferring knowledge through projects and partnerships
  • Shortening or improving the identification, validation and approval of products by using cutting-edge science, technologies, quality processes and data
    What most pharmaceutical companies call Research and Development will look much different at Aventis Pharmaceuticals. The company is pursuing a “new paradigm” to organize all of the global functions- from discovery of new molecules, through preclinical and clinical studies and on to regulatory efforts into a single organization called Drug Innovation and Approval.
    Located in the heart of the world's largest and fastest-growing healthcare market, the Aventis Pharmaceutical Global Drug Development Center (GDDC) in Bridgewater, New Jersey provides a strategic center for key global activities and teams.
    The GDDC concept is designed to enhance information sharing, responsiveness, resource optimization, regulatory strategies and outsourcing flexibility. Specifically, the Bridgewater GDDC enhances Aventis Pharmaceuticals’ operations through:
  • Global coherence and consistency and rapid global late-stage development
  • Integrated planning and rapid decision making
  • Close interaction among cross-functional global teams (DI&A, Global Marketing and Corporate Development)
  • Key presence in the strategically important U.S. market
    DI&A Discovery Research includes (in the U.S): Immunology Platform Respiratory Diseases Rheumatoid Arthritis CNS/neuropsychiatric and neuroinflammatory disorders Lead Generation High Throughput Screening Medicinal Chemistry Physical Chemistry Automated Synthesis
    DI&A Global Functions include: Pharmacovigilance Product Realization (Clinical Research) Lead Optimization Drug Regulatory Affairs
    Strategic Brands The products of Aventis Pharma improve the lives of millions of patients around the world. Among the currently marketed brands, Aventis Pharma's five major growth drivers already are contributing to improving financial performance.
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