Tempest Therapeutics, Inc.

7000 Shoreline Court
Suite 275
South San Francisco
United States

Tel: 510.984.2191

Email: careers@tempesttx.com

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About Tempest Therapeutics, Inc.

Tempest Therapeutics is a clinical-stage oncology company advancing small molecules that combine both precision and immune-mediated mechanisms to modulate anti-tumor pathways with the potential to target a wide range of tumors.

The company’s two novel clinical programs are TPST-1120 and TPST-1495, antagonists of PPARα and EP2/4, respectively. Both TPST-1120 and TPST-1495 are progressing through Phase 1 studies designed to study both agents as monotherapies and in combination with other approved agents. Tempest is also developing an inhibitor of TREX-1, an exonuclease highly expressed in tumors that suppresses both STING and tumor immunity, to activate STING selectively in metastatic lesions via a systemically-delivered small molecule.

Tempest is headquartered in South San Francisco and supported by notable healthcare investors. More information about Tempest can be found on the company’s website at www.tempesttx.com

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