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HSRx Biopharmaceuticals 

Tucson  Arizona    U.S.A.
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HSRx Biopharmaceutical is an Arizona-based biopharmaceutical company that is a leader in the development of polyfunctional pharmaceuticals, a new advancement in drug treatment therapies. HSRx's combination drugs uniquely target and engage multiple molecular targets within the human body known to be involved in a disease condition - an advancement that, in contrast to the current drug treatment therapy strategy of a single molecule-single target treatment, treats the entire disease not simply a single disease symptom. HSRx utilizes a proprietary technology to identify and capture the polyfunctional disease-fighting phytonutrients in GRAS status foods and combines these proprietary compounds with leading FDA-approved generic drugs to create powerful new combination drugs with long patent lives. In clinical studies comparing the safety and effectiveness of HSRx combination drugs with current leading generic drug treatments, HSRx combination drugs demonstrate superior effectiveness and fewer reported side effects.


CEO: Thomas Sullivan, Jr.

CFO and CAO: Frank Parise, CPA


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Ownership: Private

Web Site: HSRx Biopharma

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