About Us

BioSpace is the digital hub for life science news and jobs. We provide essential insights, opportunities and tools to connect innovative organizations and talented professionals who advance health and quality of life across the globe. The proprietary resources we provide help companies make informed decisions regarding their workforce. BioSpace has a relationship with two-thirds of the entire U.S. life science workforce, with fast-growing subscriber lists and over 12,000 new site registrations every month. Our platform enables organizations to connect with our community through thought leadership, branding and recruitment marketing solutions – whether that’s through webinars, podcasts, email, articles, advertising or jobs.

BioSpace was launched in 1985 as a directory of life science organizations. Since then, it has evolved into a thriving platform serving millions within the life sciences community. BioSpace is a small privately owned business, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, though our team is across the U.S., Canada and beyond. 

Our Team

Josh Goodwin [square]

Josh Goodwin, CEO

Kristin Jones [square]

Kristin Jones, Chief Revenue Officer

Kelly Isaacson [square]

Kelly Isaacson, Director of Sales

Julia von Behren [square]

Julia VonBehren, Account Executive Business Development

Megan Strawhecker [square]

Megan Strawhecker, Account Executive

Kaitlyn Halfpap [square]

Kaitlyn Halfpap, Director of Product & Operations

Destinee Darling [square]

Destinee Darling, Senior Customer Success Manager

Camila Picinini [square]

Camila Picinini, Customer Success Manager

Faith Shah [square]

Faith Shah, Customer Success Manager

Erin Mills [square]

Erin Mills, Customer Success Manager

Esther Goodwin [square]

Esther Goodwin, Customer Success Specialist

Chantal Dresner [square]

Chantal Dresner, VP of Marketing

Natalie Tarpey [square]

Natalie Tarpey, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

Nicole Bean [square]Nicole Bean, Creative Manager

Saudia Sais [square]Saudia Sais, Assistant Marketing Manager

Kamryn Huffman [square]

Kamryn Huffman, Marketing Specialist, User Engagement

Taylor Tieden [square]

Taylor Tieden, Junior Designer

Lori Ellis [square]

Lori Ellis, Head of Insights

Jef Akst [square]

Jef Akst, Managing Editor

Greg Slabodkin [square]Greg Slabodkin, News Editor

Heather McKenzie [square]Heather McKenzie, Senior Editor

Neil Versel [square]Neil Versel, Business Editor

Shawna Williams [square]Shawna Williams, Senior Editor

Tyler Patchen [square]Tyler Patchen, Staff Writer

Daniel Goodwin [square]

Daniel Goodwin, Director of New Product Development

Daniel Brooks [square]

Daniel Brooks, Lead Solutions Engineer

Missy Winterboer [square]

Missy Winterboer, Director of Human Resources

Haley Goodwin [square]Haley Goodwin, Finance
Greg Clouse [square]Greg Clouse, BioSpace Pro Recruitment Manager