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Thrombotargets Corporation 

2530 Meridian Parkway
Suite 3024
Durham  North Carolina  27713  U.S.A.
Phone: 919-806-4254 / 919-806-4322 Fax: 919-806-4870

Thrombotargets is an innovative drug discovery and development group of biotech companies developing new medicines based on advances in recombinant DNA and small molecule drug technologies. Thrombotargets´s programs leverage the company’s haemostasis expertise and are focused on inherited and acquired Hemorrhagic and Thrombotic disorders.

Thrombotargets group is comprised by three companies; Thrombotargets Corporation (Durham, NC, USA.) is responsible for Drug Development and Business Managment; Thrombotargets Europe (Barcelona, Spain) for Target Identification, Lead Validation, Lead Optimization and High Througput Screening and Biotech Libraries (Girona, Spain) for engineered targeted libraries.

Thrombotargets´s strategy is to build stockholder value by discovering new leads and advancing them to clinical phases.

With a primary focus on therapeutics for Haemostasis and Thrombotic diseases, Thrombotargets´s objective is to identify, optimize and develop highly efficacious biotech and small molecule leads with low risk profiles and large market opportunities.

Thrombotargets will achieve their objectives by operating a balanced risk business strategy:

1. Invest in our own discovery and development programs and drive these through to clinical phases before partnering the candidate with pharmaceutical companies. Thrombotargets will be compensated for this innovation and effort primarily through license fees, milestones and royalties on drug sales.
2. Collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry leaders to share the investment and the rewards associated with generating market outcomes for innovative new therapies.
3. Through the in-licensing of programs at stages of development that complement and balance our existing internal portfolio, Thombotargets leverage external innovation

Proprietary Technology
Thrombotargets has developed and adapted to High Throughput Screening (HTS), a new family of biological assays capable to quantify simultaneously clot formation and clot lysis (HemostaScreen), total antioxidant capacity (OxidantScreen) and low-density lipoprotein modification (AtheroScreen). With these proven proprietary HTS Platforms named BioPlatformScreenTM, the Thrombotargets group is creating a continuously novel and promising pipeline. Presently, two of Thrombotargets most innovative drug candidates, TH-103MH, a novel antihemorrhagic human recombinant protein to be use topically, and TT-105, a novel anticoagulant monoclonal antibody, are undergoing Preclinical trials; these programs will begin Phase I clinical trials Q4, 2007. Recently we begun a new antifibrinolytic program (TT-111 and TT-112) in collaboration with ASINEX, Rusia due to results in the explotation of our BioplatformScreen Technology.

Current Alliances
  • Asinex, Moscow, Russia
  • Specs, Delft, Netherland
  • Villapharma, Murcia, Spain
  • Lippso, Girona, Spain
  • IUCT, Barcelona, Spain

    Intellectual Property Status
    Thrombotargets patents state protect our intellectual property and permit the commercialization of our technologies and compounds.

    Board of Directors
  • Javier Pedreno, Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Luis Caveda, Chief Operating Officer
  • Luis Aced , Chief Financial Officer
  • Lina Badimon, Associated Scientific Consultant
  • Juan Ramon Rodriguez, R&D Director
  • Rosa Fernandez , Project Development Director
  • Ignasi Miquel, Strategic Aliances Director

    Scientific Advisory Board
  • Lina Badimon, Cardiovascular Research Center, Barcelona, Spain
  • Cam Patterson, Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center, North Carolina, US
  • Ira Lamster, School of Dental and oral Surgery, University of Columbia, New York, US
  • Juanjo Badimón, Cardiovascular Institute and Center for Cardiovascular Health, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Javier Pedreño, Thrombotargets, Spain

    Last Updated: 07-20-2007

    Key Statistics

    Ownership: Private

    Web Site: Thrombotargets Corporation
    Employees: 10

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