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Biotech/Pharma - Gene Discovery
Scientists ID The Genes That Give You Nightmares And May Know How To Turn Them Off, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study 11/7/2016
Friendly Dogs Have Genes Like Those Altered In Autism, Published In Scientific Reports 10/3/2016
Gene Linked To Obesity Found In Half Of Samoans, Brown University Study 7/26/2016
Valtronic Expands Capability With New Viscom Purchase: Automated Optical Inspection System 2/23/2015
New Maps Reveal "Real" Ethnic Make-Up Of The U.S. 4/9/2014
Scientists Make Breakthrough in Bile Duct Cancer With Discovery of New Gene Mutations, Van Andel Institute Study 5/14/2012
Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO) Researchers Successfully Demonstrate RNA Drug Delivery via Electroporation 2/22/2012
23andMe, Inc. Discovers Genetic Variant That May Protect Those at High Risk for Parkinson's Disease 10/25/2011
Telomeres: Two Genes Linked to Why They Stretch in Cancer Cells, Kimmel Cancer Institute Study 7/12/2011
Scientists Find Gene Mutations Linked to Inherited Prostate Cancer, Institute of Cancer Research Study 7/12/2011
Genes May Open Door to Chronic Fungal Infection, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre Study 7/1/2011
Massive Genome Studies Identify Genetics Behind White Blood Cell Counts, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Study 7/1/2011
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Study Uncovers Novel Genetic Variation Linked to Increased Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest 7/1/2011
Genes Influence Memory and Sense of Orientation, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Study 6/29/2011
Single Gene Defect Causes Brain Tumor, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Study 6/29/2011
"Lean Gene" Ups Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes, Study in Nature Genetics 6/27/2011
New Genetic Risk Factors of Lupus Found in Study of African-American Women, Boston University Study 6/27/2011
Genetic Finding Offers Hope for Orphan Disease, Chuvash Polycythemia, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Study 6/23/2011
First Genetic Mutation Linked to Heart Failure in Pregnant Women, Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute Study 6/22/2011
Possible Susceptibility Genes Found in Neurodegenerative Disorder, Mayo Clinic Study 6/20/2011
CurePSP -funded Study Identifies Three New Genes Linked to Progressive Supranuclear Palsy 6/20/2011
New Gene That Causes Intellectual Disability Identified, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Collaborators Study Reveals 5/13/2011
Researchers Discover New Bone Deformity Gene, University of Queensland Reveals 5/4/2011
Gene Responsible for Severe Osteoporosis Disorder Discovered, King's College London Study 3/7/2011
New Genetic Clues to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Emory University Reveals 2/24/2011
Waking up is Hard to Do: Scientists Identify a Gene Important for the Daily Rhythms of the Sleep-Wake Cycle, Northwestern University Study 2/18/2011
Discovery Of New Gene Test For Inherited Neuromuscular Disorder, University of Newcastle Study 2/14/2011
Rogue Gene Unveiled in 'Exciting' Discovery by University of East Anglia 1/25/2011
Resurrecting the So-Called 'Depression Gene': New Evidence That Our Genes Play a Role in Our Response to Adversity, University of Michigan Health System Study 1/4/2011
Tallness Gene Discoveries Could Give Legs to Other Research, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 1/3/2011
Gene Identified for Spread of Deadly Melanoma, Washington University School of Medicine Study 11/5/2010
J. Craig Venter Institute Hosts Genomics Education Program for DC Metro Area Teachers 7/30/2010
Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) Acquires Helixis, Inc. for Up to $105M, To Get Small, Low-Cost Genetic Analysis Tool 7/28/2010
Key Milestone Towards the Development of a New Clinically Useful Antibiotic, John Innes Centre Study 7/28/2010
Rare And Common Genetic Variations Responsible For High Triglyceride Levels In Blood, University of Western Ontario Study 7/26/2010
Gene May Hold Key to Reducing Spread of Oral Cancers, University of Illinois Study 7/26/2010
Single Gene Could Be Key To A Baby's First Breath, CNRS - Faculté de Médecine Study 7/26/2010
New Genetic Marker of Ovarian Cancer Risk Discovered By Yale University Researchers 7/21/2010
Disease Genes That Followed The Silk Road Identified, University of Manchester Study 7/20/2010
More Genes Implicated in Type 2 Diabetes, Oxford University Study 6/28/2010
Genetic Septet in Control of Blood Platelet Clotting, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 6/23/2010
Medical College of Georgia Researchers Find Gene for Rare Syndrome 6/18/2010
Scientists Find Genes Linked To Testicular Cancer, Institute of Cancer Research Study 6/14/2010
Faulty Gene Leads to Protein Buildup in Alzheimer's, New York University Study 6/11/2010
University of Pittsburgh Gene Discovery Clarifies Misunderstood Disease 6/11/2010
Scientists Find Gene Links to Vitamin D Deficiency, University College London Study 6/10/2010
Genes May Trigger Gambling in Women, Too, University of Missouri Study 6/8/2010
Epigenetic Gene Silencing May Hold Key to Fatal Lung Vascular Disease, University of Chicago Study 6/8/2010
Gene Loss Can Cause Leukemia, Flanders Institute for Biotechnology Researchers Find 6/8/2010
Extra Mutations Help Flu Evade Drug, Study in Science 6/4/2010
Cancer Guardian Found Playing a Role in Sex, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study 6/4/2010
Jews Around the World Linked by Common Genetic Ancestry, New York University Study 6/4/2010
Faulty Gene Stops Cell ‘Antennae’ from Transmitting, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 6/1/2010
A*STAR And Genome Institute of Singapore Scientists Find Genes Associated With The Development Of A Form Of Throat Cancer Called Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, Through A Large Scale Study Of More Than 10,000 Subjects 6/1/2010
Death Switch Offers Fresh Hope for Cancer Patients, Northwestern University Research 5/28/2010
First Common Gene ID'd for Congenital Heart Disease, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 5/28/2010
Gene Change Raises Odds Of Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission, University of Padova Study 5/25/2010
Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Genetic Secrets to Common Kidney Cancer 5/19/2010
Repligen Corporation (RGEN) Files Investigational New Drug Application with FDA for First Drug Targeting the Core Genetic Defect of Friedreich's Ataxia 5/13/2010
New Alzheimer Genes Fail for Risk Prediction, University Medical Center Study 5/12/2010
New Mutant Genes Linked To Rheumatoid Arthritis, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 5/10/2010
Breast Cancer Gene Clue Discovery, University of Cambridge Study 5/10/2010
Candidate Gene Culprits for Chronic Pain Discovered, Mayo Clinic Research 5/7/2010
Neanderthals Live on in Some of US: Max Planck Institute DNA Study 5/7/2010
Gene Linked to Schizophrenia: New Clues to Disorder, University Of Montreal Study 5/5/2010
Gene Find Offers Hope of Screening Test for Bone Disease, University of Edinburgh Study 5/3/2010
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Scientists Find Genes That Influence Brain Wave Patterns 4/28/2010
Blood Genes Where There Is No Blood; University of Texas Scientists Find Blood Vessel Genes in Yeast 4/27/2010
If You Smoke Too Much, 'Blame Your Genes', Say University of North Carolina Experts 4/26/2010
Rare Gene Variants Linked to High Risk of Broad Range of Seizure Disorders, Duke University Medical Center Study 4/20/2010
'Fatness' Gene May Thin Your Brain, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 4/20/2010
Scientists Find New Genes for Cancer, Other Diseases in Plants, Yeast and Worms, University of Texas Study 4/19/2010
Additional Genes Associated With Age-Related Macular Degeneration Identified At National Eye Institute 4/19/2010
New Hair Loss Gene Is Identified, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center Study 4/15/2010
Gene Identified for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, Baylor College of Medicine Study 4/14/2010
New Gene Associated With Increased Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease, University of Miami Study 4/14/2010
Additional Genes Associated With Age-Related Macular Degeneration Identified, Reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 4/13/2010
Scientists Hail 'Revolutionary' Kidney Gene Find, University of Edinburgh Study 4/12/2010
Scientists Discover Childhood Deafness Gene, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre Study 4/9/2010
A Genetic Gift For Sushi Eaters; Sushi Wrap Bacteria Could Help Digestive Process, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) Study 4/8/2010
Gene Found That May Predict Lung Cancer In Smokers; Could Lead to Early Diagnosis, Boston University School of Medicine Study 4/8/2010
Gene Links Lower Birth Weight And Diabetes, Peninsula Medical School Study 4/7/2010
Genetic Variants Associated With a Risk of Crohn's Disease, University of Copenhagen Study 4/7/2010
Genes That Cause Brain Aneurysms Identified, Yale University Study 4/7/2010
New Genetic Risk Factors For Aneurysms Identified By Yale University Led Team 4/5/2010
Novel Genetic Pathway Responsible for Triggering Vascular Growth Discovered, University of Massachusetts Medical School Study 4/5/2010
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA) and Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Researchers Uncover Genes That May Dramatically Affect Heart Health 4/2/2010
Gene That Slows Down Aging Process Discovered, University of Birmingham Study 4/2/2010
Gene Mutation May Be Key To Schizophrenia, Columbia University Study 4/1/2010
Mutations in One Gene Can Cause Many Cancers, Ohio State University Study Shows 3/30/2010
Autism Susceptibility Genes Identified, University of Oxford Study 3/26/2010
Yale University Researchers Identify 2 Genes Linked to Fatty Liver Disease 3/25/2010
Genes May Exert Opposite Effects in Diabetes and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 3/23/2010
Lung Cancer Gene Found In Non-Smokers, Mayo Clinic Study 3/22/2010
Genes Linked to Ulcerative Colitis Identified At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 3/18/2010
Level of Gene Alters Risk of Alzheimer's Disease, Mayo Clinic Researchers Find 3/17/2010
Genome Institute of Singapore Scientists Make Groundbreaking Discovery Of Genes That Increase The Likelihood Of Causing A Form Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 3/15/2010
Gene Site Discovered for a Children's Food Allergy, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Study 3/8/2010
Putting Gene Duo To Work For Parkinson's, University of Sheffield Study 3/5/2010
Dirty Air Evaporates Gene's Control over Asthma, Stanford University Study 3/4/2010
Genetic Cause Discovered For Rare Bleeding Disorder, McMaster University Study 3/4/2010
Genes Associated With Early Tooth Development Identified, Imperial College London, University of Bristol, And University of Oulu Study 3/2/2010
Common Gene Variant May Increase Risk for a Type of Cardiac Arrhythmia, Massachusetts General Hospital Study 2/22/2010
African Gene Trawl May Provide Secrets To Long Life, University of New South Wales Study 2/18/2010
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. (RHHBF.PK) Collaborates with Merck Sharp & Dohme (MRK) on Developmental Test for Cancer-Related Gene Mutation Investigational AmpliChip p53 Test Designed to Screen for Genetic Mutation Tied to Therapeutic Resistance in Cancer Patients 2/17/2010
Key Cancer Gene 'Link To Poverty', University of Dundee Study 2/16/2010
A Gene For Alzheimer's Makes You Smarter, Rush University Medical Center Study 2/16/2010
Single Gene Mutation Induces Endometrial Cancer, UT Southwestern Medical Center Study 2/12/2010
New Gene Discovery Could Help to Prevent Blindness, University of Leeds Study 2/12/2010
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Scientists Identify Gene Mutations Tied To Children's Stuttering 2/11/2010
Gene With Likely Role in Premenstrual Disorder Identified, Rockefeller University Study 2/11/2010
Duke University Researchers Find Sex-Specific Lung Cancer Genes 2/10/2010
Gene That Improves Quality Of Reprogrammed Stem Cells Identified By Genome Institute of Singapore Scientists 2/8/2010
Scientists Identify First Genetic Variant Linked To Biological Aging In Humans, University of Leicester, King's College London, and University of Groningen Study 2/8/2010
University of North Carolina Scientists Map out Regulatory Regions of Genome, Hot Spots for Diabetes Genes 2/5/2010
Growth Factor Gene Shown to Be Key to Cleft Palate, Washington University School of Medicine Study 2/5/2010
Possible Pharmacological Target(S) Identified In Pediatric OSA, University of Chicago Study 2/5/2010
Scientists ID A Protein That Splices And Dices Genes, University of Texas Health Science Center, University of Toronto, and National Cancer Institute Study 2/5/2010
Genes In Mother, Baby Raise Risk Of Preterm Birth, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Study 2/4/2010
Morbidly Obese 'May Have Missing Genes', Imperial College London Study 2/4/2010
Gene Variation Makes Alcoholism Less Likely In Some Survivors Of Sexual Abuse, Washington University School of Medicine Study 2/3/2010
Loss of "Guardian Angel" Gene Prompts Premature Birth, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Study 2/2/2010
Gene Family Found to Play Key Role in Early Stages of Development, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 2/1/2010
Gene Discovery Could Guide Future Breast Cancer Treatment Choices, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Study 1/25/2010
Identification of the Gene Responsible for a New Form of Adult Muscular Dystrophy, University Of Montreal Study 1/22/2010
New Gene Discovered for Recessive Form of Brittle Bone Disease, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Study 1/21/2010
Gene Linked to Schizophrenia May Reduce Cancer Risk, Feinstein Institute Study 1/20/2010
DNA Sweep Finds New Genes Linked to Diabetes, MAGIC Study 1/19/2010
Gene Mutations in Patients With Becker Muscular Dystrophy Identified, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital Research 1/19/2010
Gene Variant Protects Against Alzheimer's, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 1/13/2010
Genetic Mutation May Help Men With Prostate Cancer, Wake Forest University Study 1/12/2010
Institute of Cancer Research Scientists Find New Leukemia Gene Risk Factors 1/11/2010
University of Texas Health Science Center Rheumatologists Advance Genetic Research Related To Disabling Form Of Arthritis 1/11/2010
Before Or After Birth, Gene Linked To Mental Health Has Different Effects, Johns Hopkins University Study 1/5/2010
Mutant Gene Lessens Devastation of Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Methodist Hospital Research Institute 1/4/2010
Key Systems Biology Components of Therasis Filter(TM) Lead to Discovery of Genes That Drive Aggressiveness of Brain Cancer 12/29/2009
Scientists Find Aggressive Brain Cancer Genes, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center Study 12/28/2009
Genetic Causes Identified for Disturbances in Lipid Metabolism, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 12/28/2009
Discovery of New Gene Called Brd2 That Regulates Obesity and Diabetes, Boston University School of Medicine Study 12/23/2009
Gene Linked To Both Cleft Lip, Palate, University of Iowa Study 12/23/2009
Gene for Devastating Kidney Disease Discovered, Children's Hospital Boston And Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 12/23/2009
Microcephaly Genes Associated With Human Brain Size, University of Oslo, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), And Scripps Translational Science Institute Study 12/22/2009
Experts Uncover Genes That May Be Linked To Leprosy, Shandong Provincial Institute of Dermatology and Venereology Study 12/17/2009
Gene Variant Seems to Guard Against Asthma, COPD, Harvard University Study 12/17/2009
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Scientists Unlock Genetic Code In Major Cancer Breakthrough 12/17/2009
Gene Identified as Cause of Some Forms of Intellectual Disability, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Study 12/16/2009
Amount of Gene Surplus Determines Severity of Mental Retardation in Males, Flanders Institute for Biotechnology Researchers Find 12/14/2009
New Genes for Lung Disease Discovered, Study in Nature Genetics 12/14/2009
Mothers' Genes Important In Preterm Birth Risk, Karolinska Institute Study 12/11/2009
Genes May Protect Some People From TB Infection, McGill University Study 12/7/2009
Gene Module Underlying Atherosclerosis Development Discovered, Karolinska Institute Study 12/7/2009
Childhood Obesity Linked to Mutant Gene, Cambridge University Study 12/7/2009
Master Gene Plays Key Role In Development Of Common Childhood Brain Tumor, Baylor College of Medicine Study 12/4/2009
First Genetic Resistance Factor Against Tuberculosis Infection Identified, McGill University Study 12/3/2009
Sperm Gene May Cause Men's Life Span Longevity Disadvantage, Tokyo University of Agriculture Study 12/2/2009
Western Diets Turn on Fat Genes: Energy-Dense Foods May Activate Genes That Ultimately Make Us Obese, Study in FASEB Journal 12/2/2009
Heart Failure Linked to Gene Variant Affecting Vitamin D Activation, University of Michigan Study 12/2/2009
'Mental Illness Gene' Discovered By University of Edinburgh Scientists 11/30/2009
Gene Offers Bowel Cancer 'Shield', University of Dundee Study 11/25/2009
Gene Increases Effectiveness Of Drugs Used To Fight Cancer And Allows Reduction In Dosage, University of Granada Study 11/25/2009
Gene Implicated in Stress-Induced High Blood Pressure, University of Freiburg And Medical College of Wisconsin Study 11/24/2009
Gene Increases Effectiveness Of Drugs Used To Fight Cancer And Allows Reduction In Dosage, University of Granada Study 11/24/2009
Gene Mismatch Influences Success Of Bone Marrow Transplants, Broad Institute Study 11/23/2009
'Slimming Gene' Discovered That Regulates Body Fat, University of Bonn Study 11/23/2009
Genetic Clue To Glioma Brain Cancer Growth, Virginia Commonwealth University Study 11/23/2009
Causative Gene Of Rare Disorder Discovered By Sequencing Only Protein-Coding Regions Of Genome, University of Washington Study 11/20/2009
Schizophrenia Gene's Role May Be Broader, More Potent, Than Thought, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 11/20/2009
Gene Protects Brain-Eaters From Mad Cow-Type Disease, University College London Study 11/19/2009
Genetic Variation Linked to Individual Empathy, Stress Levels, Oregon State University Study 11/17/2009
Mutant Genes 'Key To Long Life', Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 11/17/2009
Largest Gene Study of Childhood Inflammatory Bowel Disease Identifies Five New Genes, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 11/16/2009
Gene Linked to Breast Cancer Might Boost Heart Health, St. Michael's Hospital 11/16/2009
Low Birth Weight And Diabetes Have A Common Genetic Background, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 11/13/2009
Developmental Delays Linked to Nicotine Gene?, Baylor College of Medicine Study 11/10/2009
Compugen Ltd. (CGEN) Announces Discovery of Genetic Biomarker for Predisposition to Type 2 Diabetes 11/9/2009
Complete Horse Genome Sequence Revealed, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 11/6/2009
Genes Linked to 'Pot' Belly, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study 11/6/2009
Complete Genomics, Inc. (JOBS) Sequences Whole Human Genome for $1,700 11/6/2009
Gene Discovery Gives Clues to Crohn's Disease, Colitis, University College London Study 11/5/2009
Two Genes Cooperate To Cause Aggressive Leukemia, University of Gothenburg Study 11/4/2009
New Genetic Cause Of A Fatal Immune Disorder, Geneviève de Saint Basile Research 11/3/2009
Genetic Links To Fungal Infection Risk Identified, University College London and Radboud University Study 11/2/2009
First Draft of the Pig: Researchers Sequence Swine Genome, University of Illinois Study 11/2/2009
'Moonlighting' Molecules Discovered; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Researchers Uncover New Kink In Gene Control 10/30/2009
Is There a 'Bad Driver' Gene? Don't Tell Geico: You May Be a Natural Born Bad Driver, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Study 10/30/2009
Key To How 'Triggering Event' In Cancer Occurs: University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Researchers Link Hormone To Creation Of Gene Fusion In Prostate Cancer 10/30/2009
Genes That Drive You To Drink (But Don't Make You An Alcoholic), University of Colorado Study 10/29/2009
University of Rochester Scientists Discover Gene That 'Cancer-proofs' Naked Mole Rat's Cells 10/27/2009
Rare Mutation Dramatically Increases Schizophrenia Risk, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Study 10/27/2009
Scientists Discover Gene Key to Human Speech, University of New South Wales Study 10/23/2009
Duke University Study Surprise Yields New Target for Assessing Genes Linked to Autism 10/22/2009
Gene Behind Gaucher Disease a Player in Parkinson's, National Human Genome Research Institute Study 10/22/2009
Genes May Link Hip Fractures and Heart Disease, Uppsala Universitet Study 10/21/2009
Eleven Genetic Variations Linked To Type 2 Diabetes, Michigan Tech Study 10/20/2009
Gene Linked With Human Kidney Aging, Stanford University, National Institute on Aging, MedStar Research Institute, And Hudson-Alpha Institute for Biotechnology Study 10/19/2009
What Drives Our Genes? Salk Institute for Biological Studies Researchers Map The First Complete Human Epigenome 10/15/2009
Genetics Of Patterning The Cerebral Cortex Discoverd by Salk Institute for Biological Studies Scientists 10/14/2009
New Cancer Gene Discovered, University of Gothenburg Study 10/13/2009
Polymorphisms Of The Interleukin-1 Gene Complex May Influence Alcohol Dependence, University of Oviedo Study 10/13/2009
Using RNAi-Based Technique, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Find New Tumor Suppressor Genes In Lymphoma 10/13/2009