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  • A recent BioSpace survey found that health insurance is one of the top considerations of life science professionals willing to relocate for a job. To learn more, we interviewed Carrie Richards Leary, a health insurance benefits professional.
  • Help us identify the leading employers in the life science industry! We want to uncover who leads in key areas like diversity, culture, unique benefits and, of course, who are the 2019 Life Sciences Ideal Employers.
  • According to a BioSpace poll, over half (56%) of respondents are not happy with their current life sciences position. Are you one of the 56%? You deserve to be happy! Start working towards your happiness and check out job opportunities at these top companies!
  • Recently, we interviewed Bill Lindstaedt, who is the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Career Advancement, International and Postdoctoral Services at the University of California San Francisco. If you’ve ever wanted more information from an expert on careers in the life sciences, reviewing his career ...
  • You want to take every opportunity you can find to incorporate action verbs into your resume. The main way to do that is to replace any weak verbs you’ve written.
  • As a valued member of our BioSpace community, we are eager to hear more from you and other readers in 2019. We want to know your if you have 'work-life balance' with your job.
  • Attempting to customize your resume yourself can be a time-consuming process, which might not lead to more interview requests. Here’s how to effectively tweak your resume for a job!
  • According to a BioSpace survey, almost 70% of respondents are likely to look for a new job in the 12 months. The question is, why? Of those planning to look for a new job, 54% said they wanted new challenges and 42% said they wanted more rewarding opportunities. How about you? Are you ready to lo...
  • Expending countless hours of time and energy usually leads to frustration and burnout during a job search. Here are some tips to understanding what a company is really looking for in a job description.
  • For young people looking to find a career path, the pharmaceutical industry is a good one to go into, especially if salary is a major concern.
  • Life is full of twists and turns, but there are always new opportunities around the corner, even when we hit the pause button on our careers. Getting back into the industry doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. You can have a successful job search if you take a step-by-step approach.
  • The concept of company culture is a hot topic in the workplace now. Here are some tips to help you be more likable during an interview.
  • As a valued member of our BioSpace community, we are eager to hear more from you and other readers in 2019. We want to know your 'right opportunity' to consider a new job.
  • We interviewed Gaius Augustus, a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona, who is a participant in their Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program. He is also a bioinformatician, who regularly incorporates epidemiological data into his work.
  • We all have stress, but sometimes the pressures of work tend to leach into other areas of our lives. This can cause an upheaval in your entire existence and may leave you feeling on-edge at the office and detached at home.
  • Are you fascinated with microbiology? Have you ever thought about how to integrate your passion for research and entrepreneurship? The field of microbiology is expanding and being significantly impacted by advancements in technology.
  • According to a recent BioSpace survey, 93% of respondents are open to a new job for the right opportunity. Are you one of the 93%? If so, keep your eyes open for those opportunities and don't stop looking. You never know what may come your way!
  • We had the opportunity to meet with Arti Dumbrepatil, a postdoctoral fellow in the University of Michigan’s chemistry department. Arti explained her journey as an international student and how a postdoctoral fellowship can prepare you for a career as an independent scientist!
  • Over the last few years, large organizations in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries such as Theranos and Turning Pharmaceuticals, have been marred in allegations of fraud and other illegal activities.
  • Lately, we’ve been highlighting interesting careers in life sciences that you might not have considered. We recently interviewed Chelsea Weidman Burke, a Clinical Study Coordinator at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM), to find out more about the field.