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  • Do you find it difficult to make time to go to the gym or keep up with a regular exercise program outside of work? If your work schedule doesn’t permit spending hours at the gym or exercising every week, you should do your best to find creative ways to incorporate physical activity into your work...
  • Agility. This professional buzzword is one of the most popular, highly valued workplace concepts today, and hiring managers are in constant search for “agile” employees that will create “agile” organizations.
  • How can you tell when enthusiasm, ambition, or committment for your job turns into an unhealthy obsession or addiction? Being addicted to your job can become just as crippling and disruptive as any other addiction, obsession, or compulsion.
  • Getting noticed in your workplace sometimes requires more than simply completing your tasks or meeting your goals. In order to be a true stand-out at work and position yourself as an integral player in your organization, the unique value that you bring on a daily basis needs to be communicated in...
  • Bullying isn’t confined to the middle school playground. It’s alive and well in offices, boardrooms, labs, conferences, break rooms, and cubicles around the world, and the stress and trauma caused from bullying can be just as intense for adults as it is for adolescents.
  • Genentech and Horizon Pharma were the only two biopharma companies that made People’s 2018 list of “50 Companies That Care,” a list that highlights how a company makes a difference in the lives of its employees, as well as the communities those companies call home.
  • According to a new study on the long-term effects of email “incivility” in the workplace, receiving negative or stressful work emails has a ripple effect on both one’s professional and personal life, even going so far as to compound your partner’s own stress levels at home and at work.
  • Atul Gawande is heading out to hold one-on-one meetings with employees of a new healthcare venture to get a handle on their healthcare needs, challenges and concerns.
  • Two well-known pharmaceutical companies made Fortune Magazine’s 2018 top 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials.
  • Ghosting is the professional equivalent of standing up someone for a date, and it’s one of the most cringe-worthy things someone can do when they’re on the job hunt.
  • How do you feel about taking a vacation?  Are you excited and enthusiastic about having time away from work?  Or do you have nightmares about the amount of work that would pile up in your absence? 
  • Negotiating for a salary increase does not have to be a painful process. While many people dread asking their boss for higher pay, if you prepare your case ahead of time and go into negotiations with clear evidence of your stellar performance, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting the o...
  • Being active on the job market can be somewhat of an overwhelming undertaking. As the old cliche goes, “it’s a full time job looking for a full time job.” While it’s ok to cut yourself some slack if you’ve been knocking down doors (or sending out resumes) for a while to no avail, you don’t want t...
  • A recent survey shows that 90 percent of biopharma companies are making significant investments in real-world evidence capabilities to support multiple annual objectives that include driving drug development and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Sometimes the decision to look for a new employer and actively put yourself on the job market is a complicated one that includes a lot of hand-wringing, second-guessing, and hesitation.
  • You don’t have to own your own company to “be your own boss.” You can enjoy the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset right now, right where you are, even if you work for someone else.
  • If you’re currently on the job market or considering looking for a new job soon, you’ll want to take stock of your “new employer wish list” and evaluate the things you want from a new job that you consider non-negotiable, important but not necessary, or nice but completely non-essential.
  • The general consensus is that only about seven to nine percent of chief executive roles in biotech are filled by women. As low as that sounds, it’s better than in the Fortune 500, where only about 4.2 percent are led by female chief executives.
  • People don’t often associate abusive relationships with the workplace, but a toxic relationship with a boss can be just as unhealthy as any personal relationship.
  • How do you feel when you wake up in the morning to get ready for work?  Are you excited about the new day ahead? If you are feeling stuck, here are 10 ways to get your career on track!