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  • Excessive stress in the workplace can have devastating effects on your productivity and job satisfaction levels, your performance, and your overall health and wellbeing.
  • The average American spends around 90,000 hours at work, according to Business Insider. And for many people, a large portion of those hours are spend engaging in unhealthy habits that can have serious consequences to their overall health, well-being, productivity, and happiness levels.  
  • When evaluating which candidate to offer the job, employers and hiring managers are not only assessing your skill level and on-the-job competencies, but they are also on the lookout for the right “fit” for that particular role.
  • Are you a life sciences professional over 40? If so, have you noticed differences in how you’re treated by recruiters and hiring managers during your job search?
  • Being fired, while discouraging in the moment, is not a career killer. In fact, sometimes the jolt of getting that proverbial “pink slip” can actually inspire you take stock of your wider career path and goals as you put yourself back on the job market.
  • According to a new study on “Global Work Connectivity,” over half of employees today feel lonely at work all or most of the time, and they also report a desire for more social interaction in the workplace.
  • Perhaps you sense something just isn’t quite right, but you’re not sure what. Or, maybe you have a pretty good idea that your organization is slimming down and your role will be one of the first ones to go.
  • Do you ever find yourself at the end of what seemed like a tremendously “busy” day, yet with very little to show for it? You haven’t completed many tasks or advanced in any of your projects – your to-do list is still just as long (or longer) than it was when you started in the morning –  yet, you...
  • The final interview is probably the most intense and important interview you’ll go through, and here you want to show your in-depth knowledge of your industry, the role, and the organization, so your questions should reflect this high level of preparedness and research.
  • In essence, a good interview often comes down to “likeability” and if you’re able to establish a friendly rapport with the interviewer(s). Keep these 5 highly effective rapport-building techniques in mind as you interview.
  • An new innovative approach to the job interview, and one that could catch on in industries outside of tech.
  • Crafting a well-organized, powerful resume is one of the most important aspects of being on the job market. But, all of your hard work on your job application materials can be undone in a second if you make some of these grave resume mistakes.
  • In this graceless age where people look at their phones when you are talking to them, only communicate via text or email, scroll head down on their phone while a speaker is presenting, post inappropriate pictures and commentary on Facebook, it’s no wonder many people do not send thank you notes.
  • According to a BioSpace Community Survey, almost 70% of life sciences professionals plan to look for a new job in the next 12 months. Don't delay, accelerate your job search and check out top companies who are looking for quality candidates in 2019!
  • When you are constantly hearing, “Thank you for your time, but we went with another candidate,” or you’re regularly submitting applications online, but not ever getting a response back, it can be frustrating.
  • Have you ever experienced a career epiphany but lacked the resolve to act on it? Don’t feel bad, especially if “acting on it” meant leaving a secure, albeit unfulfilling, job for a new career in a different industry.
  • The moment you step on the job market, you’re selling yourself. Yes, you, the job seeker, are a “brand,” and each touchpoint you have with a potential new employer is an opportunity to “sell” that brand, that vision of your candidacy, the promise of yourself as a future team member and employer.
  • The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio) is taking the lead in fostering the next generation of life science leaders in the Bay State with Project Onramp, an internship program that matches talented students from low-income backgrounds with paid internships in the state’s vibrant life sc...
  • Not only are interviewers tasked with evaluating whether or not you’re a good fit for their organization and the role, but you also should take every opportunity you can to evaluate if the position, company, and team is a good match for your own career goals and needs.
  • As a valued member of our BioSpace community, we are eager to hear more from you and other readers in 2019. Which channel is better when applying for jobs?