What's it like working at BioSpace?


line test 2"When I think about working at BioSpace I don’t think about “BioSpace the Company” because it doesn’t feel like most companies I’ve worked for in the past. It doesn’t feel like something big that you can’t fit your brain around or where you can’t see how you fit or where you belong. When I think about working at BioSpace I think about “BioSpace the Team,” and I can see how the work I do matters and makes an impact. I love working at BioSpace because leadership fosters a safe space to learn and grow professionally and the team creates a lighthearted environment that you can look forward to going into the office for."

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Our values guide how we operate as a business and a team. It’s important we uphold these values to as we continue to grow. Things that matter to us:

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

  • Agility

We love keeping busy and we're constantly on the lookout for ways we can improve as a business. We expect to provide exceptional service to our customers and users. 

We value the hard work our team puts in, and we like to award performance accordingly - it's important to reinforce how much we appreciate our people when they go above and beyond. 

What to expect


Most of our teams are a mix of Des Moines-based and remote employees. About half of our team is based in Des Moines, and half are remote team members across the US, Canada, and beyond.

Hybrid & remote working

The Des Moines office operates as a hybrid work environment. We are in the office at least three days a week, Monday to Wednesday, and if they choose, employees can work remotely Thursday and Friday. 

Having fun!

We love doing fun things together regularly as a team, to celebrate our wins and also just because - both in person in Des Moines, and virtually with all our remote team - like bowling, Super Bowl parties, online quizzes, team lunches, and more.