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Senior Scientist 2

Southern Research
Birmingham, AL
Start date
Sep 23, 2023

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Science/R&D, Biotechnology
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Job Details

Senior Scientist 2

General Summary

This position is responsible for overseeing several research support staff and conducting scientific research for the division.  Also responsible for interacting with internal and external collaborators to ensure the successful completion of established timelines and milestones, training junior chemists, and providing technical write-ups for grant and/or task order proposals.

Key Responsibilities

  • Independently design a research program and be responsible for all work pursued in the laboratory.
  • Expected to develop new scientific projects by assisting with the preparation of proposals that seek resources to support new and ongoing projects.
  • Provides research and technical support to one or more Research Scientists
  • Makes significant contributions to scientific literature, conferences, or otherwise plays a key role in the advancement of the research projects or SR OKRs
  • Plans, designs, and executes scientific experiments in a self-directed manner, analyzes and interprets experimental results. Consistently produces quality/quantity reproducible scientific data and analyses.
  • Interact with internal and external collaborators to meet their needs and ensure the successful completion of projects
  • Observe appropriate safety and health practices including personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe laboratory practices.
  • Oversee research support staff to assist in research study design, implementation, and interpretation.
  • Make presentations of experimental design, procedures, and results.
  • Write reports, publications and patents derived from project data.
  • Evaluate probability of successful production methods.
  • Perform other duties as may be required by supervisor.

Position Specific

  • Participate in the development of the future strategy to grow chemistry and drug discovery efforts
  • Conduct scientific experiments
  • Provides highly creative resolutions to a diverse range of complex problems.
  • Uses independent judgment to accomplish objectives.
  • Applies learned skills in project management methodology to ensure that research grants/research contracts are effectively managed. Ensures quality of product and/or service delivered; manages project budget and project risk factors.
  • Publishes work in high-quality journals.
  • People reporting relationships may be a combination of direct and indirect. For those direct reports, will receive training in HR-related processes including performance management, salary administration, discipline, and hiring.
  • Provides training and development opportunities for both indirect and direct reports as necessary.
  • Provides resolutions to diverse range of complex scientific problems.
  • May be responsible for the management of a large existing research contract and/or build a grant-based research program.
  • Uses judgment within defined policies, practices and procedures.
  • Ensures compliance to all regulatory and safety requirements for work with select agents.
  • Observes appropriate safety and study requirements by reading, understanding, and following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements, and/or study protocols.
  • Perform other duties as may be required by supervisor.

Requirements/Minimum Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in organic or medicinal chemistry
  • 10+ years industry experience advancing small molecule discovery programs from bench to animal studies, optimizing compounds for drug-like properties and coordination of the tasks required to move a drug discovery program forward into pre-clinical development.
  • Strong project management skills
  • Must have a demonstrated understanding of scientific research and methods
  • Proven ability to work as a member of a team
  • Has hands-on training in various techniques based on department specifics
  • Knowledge of computer software necessary for medicinal chemistry
  • Experience with basic laboratory instruments, equipment and scientific procedures for medicinal chemistry, usually acquired through prior work experience.
  • Has a complete understanding of laboratory safety, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) requirements as required by projects/grants.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in advancing a drug discovery program from conception to the clinic
  • Familiarity with multi-dimensional analysis of data associated with lead optimization
  • Knowledge of intellectual property as it pertains to freedom to operate and patenting new concepts and ideas

Required Skills/Abilities/Competencies

  • Strong research design and analytical skills
  • In-depth knowledge of field of research.
  • Excellent time management/organizational/record keeping skills.
  • Strong written and verbal presentation skills.
  • Sound understanding of laboratory practices and procedures
  • Ability to analyze data and present it logically
  • Must possess careful attention to detail.
  • On own initiative, ability to identify potential problems and troubleshoot problems as necessary.

Cultivating human connection – putting people first.  We know that every individual makes a difference and that no one can do it alone.  We believe the world's most powerful resource is human potential.  We are an inclusive and courageous team where innovation and diversity of though go hand in hand.  We understand that relationships move at the speed of trust.

Operating with precise execution – measuring what matters and owning results as a team.  We leverage data to drive decisions that advance science.  We recognize the importance of a stable foundation coupled with an agile mindset.  We hold ourselves accountable and take pride in our work.  We give and receive candid feedback as a gift that keeps us growing.

Harnessing relentless curiosity – our unstoppable, innovative force.  We are driven to ask sharp questions and push the boundaries of knowledge.  We use creativity and critical thinking as catalysts for finding solutions that change lives.  We learn by doing, consistently striving to improve our relationships, training, methodologies, questions and results.

Stewarding a healthy community – implementing sustainable operations for a safe, engaging environment.  We don't compromise on safety and health for our employees, customers or community.  We believe a healthy community begins with inclusive economic opportunities.  We respect the dignity of the patients we ultimately serve.  We are motivated to serve communities that are underserved and markets that are overlooked.

Job Specific Behaviors

Planning and Organization - Systematically identifies issues to be addressed and plans a course of action for self and others to ensure the accomplishment of specific objectives.

Attention to detail - Utilizes established monitoring system, records data accurately and in a timely manner, and ensures accuracy of data.

Technical Expertise - Possesses and applies professional/technical knowledge, skills, experience, and judgment to accomplish a result, serve customers better, and contribute to the organization's intellectual capital.

Continuous Learning - Targets learning needs; seeks learning activities; maximizes learning; applies knowledge or skill; and takes risks in learning.

Quality Orientation - Follows procedures, ensures high-quality outputs and takes action.

Innovation – Challenges paradigms; thinks expansively; leverages diverse resources; evaluates multiple solutions; and ensures relevance.

Adaptability – Tries to understand changes; approaches change or newness positively; and adjusts behavior.

Work Environment & Conditions

This position is a laboratory environment and requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) including:

Safety glasses

Laboratory coats

Nitrile and latex gloves (varies based on tasks)

Shoe covers (as needed)

Physical Demands

  • Ability to perform work utilizing a computer for extended periods of time
  • Ability to sit for extended periods of time without being able to leave the work area
  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time without being able to leave the work area
  • Ability to climb ladders and stairs in performing the work
  • Ability to walk for reasonable distances in performing the work
  • Ability to lift / carry objects weighing up to 20 lbs. in performing the work
  • Ability to pull or push objects weighing up to 20 lbs. in performing the work

Certifications, Licenses & Registrations

None Required


MOVING SCIENCE. Our experts turn what couldn't be done into what we can't live without. By translating research into innovation, we act as catalysts that save lives and cultivate Birmingham's biotech scene. We are conduits between Science and Society. With precision, we transform ideas into discoveries. We see possibilities before they exist and activate scientific progress that is purposeful. We move science, because the promise of a brighter future moves us. We work with more than 150 industry and academic partners to drive scientific discoveries. From drug discovery to development, to carbon capture and environmental health sciences, every layer of our scientific and professional teams serve a fundamental role in moving science. We're making Birmingham the biotech hub of the southeast. Coming in 2024, our new biotech center will feature 60,000 sq. ft. of commercial wet labs, A/BSL-3 space and data science facilities. Our team will grow 125 scientific jobs and help shape the future of biotech in Alabama. We're investing in renovations of 40,000 sq. ft. of facilities including vivarium space and launching a new clinical diagnostics lab.

Company info
(205) 581-2000
2000 9th Avenue South

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