Principal Scientist, Neurodegenerative Diagnostics

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Contribute and/or lead significant components of Alzheimer's Disease diagnostic development, optimization and testing from late phase development through clinical trials. 
  • Assist in developing diagnostic tests for other amyloid diseases.
  • Generate reference reagents and proteins
  • Define quality control specifications and calibration curves
  • Perform stability testing
  • Strict adherence to protocols for sample management (inventory, labeling, and handling)
  • Design, execute, and interpret multiple studies to be carried out by self and others
  • Author and review technical reports, manufacturing documents, regulatory submissions, peer reviewed publications, Intellectual Property submissions and publications
  • Motivate and support others, setting clear goals and expectations
  • You may lead a project or initiative involving other contributors. You may supervise the activities of more junior personnel and be responsible for driving the development of those employees
  • Desire to work in a fast, collaborative, and team-oriented environment
  • Contribute to the development of a diagnostic kit meeting FDA standard


Preferred Qualifications/Experience:

  • Degree in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical, engineering, bioengineering or related field
  • Ph.D. and a minimum of 8 years in industry experience.
  • Deep knowledge of peptide/protein chemistry, structures, and interactions.
  • Strong in analytical, organic, and physical chemistry techniques.
  • Good understanding of analytical and conformational protein characterization (including LC-MS, CD, polarimetry, and functional assays)
  • Experience with assay kit development
  • Experience with ELISAs, cell culture, handling human samples, protein structural studies, analytical techniques, statistical analysis of results, pharmaceutical formulation, assay optimization
  • Specific experience in tackling neurodegenerative diseases is a plus
  • Experience working with the FDA through the regulatory process involving medical devices is a plus
  • Experience working on a successfully approved diagnostics program is a plus