Associate Scientist, Research Biology (In Vivo / Inflammation)

San Francisco, CA
Jun 03, 2022
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

We are seeking someone who is proficient in conducting murine inflammatory disease models and ex vivo sample analysis including flow cytometry and cytokine measurements. Expertise in murine in vivo inflammatory and autoimmune disease models is preferred including in vivo drug administration by multiple routes, disease scoring and sample collection for ex vivo assays.


  • Conducts pharmacological evaluation of test agents (small molecules and biologics).
  • Significant experience with flow cytometric analysis of blood and tissue samples is required. Experience in designing and validating complex flow cytometry panels with 10+ fluorochromes is required.
  • Experienced in flow cytometry data analysis in Flowjo and data graphing/analysis in Graphpad Prism software.
  • Experience in conducting in vivo inflammatory disease models, administering test articles (i.v., s.c., i.p., i.d. and p.o.), making in vivo disease measurements, and collecting samples for ex vivo assays is preferred. Will assist in or lead project teams in sample processing, homogenization, or generation of single-cell suspensions for ex vivo analysis including flow cytometry, blood and plasma protein measurements.
  • Candidate will be responsible for entering data from concurrent multiple studies in a timely manner and must be able to communicate experimental results orally and in writing within the department effectively.
  • Maintains familiarity with current disease relevant in vivo models for testing efficacy of novel biologics to support preclinical development of Nektar drug candidates.
  • Contributes to preclinical research through validation or development of new models.
  • Experience in preparing basic formulations and dosing solutions is desired.
  • Exercises technical discretion in the design, execution and interpretation of experiments that contribute to project strategies.
  • Performs research and/or development independently or in collaboration with others.
  • Maintains a high level of professional expertise through familiarity with scientific literature.
  • Ensures compliance with good laboratory practices and other regulatory guidelines.
  • Understands and implements study protocols according to AAALAC and other guidelines.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

A PhD in a scientific discipline is required. Equivalent experience may be accepted. A minimum of 1 year work experience in a research and/or development environment is preferred. Post-doctoral work may serve as experience.  Additional Requirements Include: Ability to work collaboratively within a team, provide and receive technical assistance to/from others in a wide range of laboratory-based activities/techniques, while displaying strong organizational and timely record-keeping skills. Ability to multi-task and perform work with a high degree of attention to detail while supporting programs in a fast-paced environment. May require occasional weekend hours.

Must have excellent analytical skills, strong organizational skills, and significant hands-on laboratory experience. Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to independently write reports is preferred. Experience working in an FDA-regulated environment is highly desired.