Principal Storage Engineer

Hayward, California
May 21, 2022
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

Company Description 

Eikon Therapeutics is a new biopharmaceutical company employing revolutionary technology at the intersection of chemistry, engineering, computation, and biology to discover novel treatments for life-threatening diseases. Eikon’s discovery platform is built on groundbreaking innovations from its founders (Nobel Prize, 2014), culminating in the creation of microscopes which enable real time, molecular-resolution measurements of protein movement in living cells, thereby unlocking otherwise intractable classes of proteins as drug targets.


As part of Eikon’s diverse team, be the technical leader for the Engineering IT storage team and you will collaborate with the larger engineering organization to design, develop, deploy, and maintain custom storage systems and storage management software to handle petabytes of data generated by Eikon’s instruments and computational systems. 

About You

You are a jack of all trades, but a master of storage.  You are an adventurous, passionate, creative, and curious.   You feel that knowing the answer is not sufficient, but that understanding the “why” behind the answer important.  You are the person people turn to for advice on the most complex storage problems they encounter, and you take it as a challenge when someone says, “I don’t think we can do this”.   You have worked in environments where the user base does weird things to storage, whether it be in a post-doc lab, a large scale HPC lab (whether government or private), or deep in the bowels of a “big data” environment and have created new storage systems capable of handling all those strange things quickly and efficiently.

You are excited to open a new chapter in your career and join the search for medicines that will have a positive impact on diseases that impact people across the globe and, in doing so, be on the leading the charge to handle 100s or terabytes of data a day for real time processing, and for the long-term care and feeding of the resulting output data across multiple buildings, cities, and countries.  You will bring to this challenge enthusiasm, high energy, intellectual curiosity, and scientific rigor which you have demonstrated throughout your career.

What You’ll Do

  • Set the strategic direction of the engineering storage environment
  • Provide technical leadership to other members of the Engineering IT storage team
  • Design, develop and maintain a hybrid cloud/on-prem storage environment capable of handling tens of petabytes of data.
  • Work closely with storage vendors to vet new solutions and to provide guidance and feedback regarding Eikon’s needs from future products
  • Work closely with Corporate IT to ensure security, backup, and disaster recovery needs for instrument and Engineering data are comprehended and to implement solutions that meet those need.
  • Lead efforts to troubleshoot and resolve any issues with the engineering storage environment.
  • In collaboration with other Engineering IT subject matter experts, the engineering software group, and the science teams, architect, deploy, and maintain an information management solution that will map the scientist view of data (an experiment) to the storage view of data (an object, file, or directory) and allow for intelligent management of Eikon’s science data.
  • Be the subject matter expert for anything related to the storage of raw data coming from Eikon’s instruments and processed data coming from the compute pipeline.
  • Work collaboratively with engineers and scientists to understand and address tactical needs and create a positive and productive development and analysis environment.
  • Contribute to multiple projects simultaneously, developing milestones and deadlines in coordination with the broader company goals.


  • BS or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related quantitative field.
  • 15+ years of combined experience in IT infrastructure, storage solutions, tools development and support, and IT administration.
  • Demonstrated experience designing, deploying and supporting custom storage solutions from non-commercial sources: Design and deployment of a Lustre environment as an example.
  • Familiarity with storage technology from multiple vendors -- NetApp, Qumulo, EMC, TrueNAS, Weka, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience designing, deploying and supporting storage solutions comprised of equipment and software from multiple vendors.
  • Experience architecting and deployment data management solutions for managing petabyte sized data sets
  • Python and Shell programming experience are required – expect someone to ask you to write code.
  • Linux system administration experience is a requirement
  • Experience with AWS or other S3 compatible cloud storage environments
  • Demonstrated experience as the subject matter expert for on prem S3 storage or S3 translation layers.
  • Ability to logically and efficiently investigate and solve problems and to develop solutions from prototype development to production designs
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Team oriented, flexible, able to adapt to rapidly evolving goals and challenges
  • Adept at balancing multiple projects and competing priorities

Eikon is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and will consider all qualified applicants for employment.

In accordance with the Company’s duty to provide and maintain a safe workplace, the Company requires all employees to be Fully Vaccinated with one of the FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines, which includes those vaccines that have received the FDA’s emergency use authorization.  You will be expected to be Fully Vaccinated as of your Start Date.  If you believe that you are exempt from this requirement under an applicable law or regulations, including Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, you will need to contact the Company’s Human Resources group. For purposes of this section, Fully Vaccinated means (i) the completion of the vaccination regimen as approved by the FDA (by way of example, 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and 1 dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine), and (ii) timely receiving booster vaccination, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.