InVitro Cell Research, LLC

Scientist, Regenerative Medicine - Immunology

Fort Lee, NJ
May 15, 2022
Pharm Country
Required Education
Masters Degree/MBA
Position Type
Full time

ICR is researching ways to regenerate the aged immune system. Immune senescence and decline underlie many of the most devastating age-related diseases. Our Regenerative Immunology program involves several approaches, including developing bone marrow-engraftable iPSC-derived hematopoietic stem cells (iHSCs) and implantable thymic organoids. 

With us, you'll get to:

  • Develop engraftment-competent human iHSCs
  • Design and execute independent research on iHSCs, examining quality control aspects of cell production, translational function and safety with emphasis on oncogenic landscape analyses and safety issues related to long-term engraftment
  • Derive and fully characterize different cell types from iHSCs, including designing assays to test their potentially improved function against aged HSCs
  • Devise and test practical, innovative strategies to rejuvenate the aging human immune system, including testing interventions to combat thymic involution

Please apply if you have:

  • PhD or another advanced degree in Immunology or another biomedical science field
  • Experience researching human hematopoietic stem cells and/or other aspects of immune regeneration
  • Experience with iPSCs and iHSC-derived cell types
  • Expert knowledge in experimental therapeutics and the therapeutic pipeline of primary HSCs and iHSCs, with an emphasis on practical, actionable interventions to treat and prevent age-related immune senescence and achieve immune regeneration/rejuvenation
  • Extensive experience in bench molecular and small molecule biology, cell biology, immunology, hematology, hematopoiesis and bone marrow niche biology

Ideally, you'll also have:

  • Expertise in and working knowledge of age-related immune senescence and hematologic dysfunction
  • General and working knowledge of aging biology, adult stem cells, regenerative and personalized medicine as well as gene therapy (AAV-mediated)
  • Experience with in vitro and in vivo models of immune-senescence and regeneration

And you'll need:

  • A friendly, easygoing personality
  • The ability to work in the United States without sponsorship


Starting base pay range: $130,000/yr - $170,000/yr

Starting additional compensation range: $7,500/yr - $17,500/yr

Starting position title and compensation are commensurate with experience.