Data Visualization Programmer

92121, San Diego
Oct 08, 2021
Biotech Beach
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

About the Role

The ideal candidate for this role will have prior experience developing data visualization or scientific data analysis software and is very familiar with Python and JavaScript. You will help to create, test, and maintain data analysis software. Prototyping data analysis tools might be started with a notebook or a lightweight desktop app before being finalized as a cloud based web service with a slick front end. The candidate will report to the VP of Integration.

Responsibilities, but not limited to:

  • Collaborate with scientists and partner companies to understand user needs and translate into appropriate statistical approaches, data algorithms, and visualization of data to provide conclusions and new insights.
  • Proactive analysis of data to inform scientists of new correlations and directions for optimizing chip, biology, and overall system and assay performance.
  • Develop software tools for improved sensor data analysis.
  • Maintain and expand our existing python code.
  • Integrate analysis code with product and internal web service based software.
  • Assist in translation of project goals into sprint plans and tasks.
  • Collaborate with internal engineers, developers, and scientists to identify when to undertake activities like technology improvement and factoring.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for code re-use and where current development efforts can be leveraged to meet expected future goals.
  • Update and adjust front end code when necessary.
  • Create documentation and training material when necessary.
  • Work with and oversee external contractors when necessary.
  • Provide progress, and reports to supervisors.
  • Identify problems and suggest improvements.
  • Create clean and orderly code.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related STEM disciplines.
  • 2+ years of prior Data Science development experience.
  • Familiar with scientific data analysis and data mining as well as machine learning.
  • Experienced in coding using Python/JavaScript, and/or one of the modern full featured languages like Java/C#.
  • Familiar with Git, efficiently working with IDE like PyCharm, VS code, and Intellij.
  • Know how to write complex SQL queries, having exposure to MySql or other modern RDBMS systems.
  • Ability to work closely within a team as well as to interact with diverse members of the company at large.
  • Remote work, available to meet daily with staff in San Diego during business hours in California.
  • Able to work full time.

About Cardea

We are extremely passionate about two things: Our talented team of Cardeans and our bold vision of translating real-time biological signals into digital information, which in turn lead to products and applications that will positively impact and transform our future. 

By integrating molecular biology with semiconductor electronics, we have linked computers directly up to the live signals of biology for the very first time. Using a biocompatible nanomaterial - graphene - which is a near perfect conductor as it is only one atom thick, we have patented uses of this material to gain a signal resolution high enough to listen into real-time molecular interactions. That means, our technology effectively taps into biology's internal communication to expand or replace current optical and static measurements with interactive live streams of multi-omic signals and analyses.

We're driven by this vision, and we need talented people who share it, as we're rapidly growing and looking for talents who are self-driven, enjoy wearing many hats, and thrive in a collaborative environment. If you think you fit our dynamic and fun culture, please consider joining us to help shape a new paradigm in science, building a new generation of natural resources and applications that can Link up to Life™.