Research Associate, Discovery

Gaithersburg, MD
Jul 31, 2021
Required Education
Associate Degree
Position Type
Full time


Arcellx is seeking Research Associates (levels RA I to Senior RA, depending on skill and experience) to collaborate in the innovation, discovery and development of protein and cell-based therapies. The successful candidate will work closely with a dedicated team of protein engineers and more broadly with scientists in other departmental groups (e.g. immunology, translation and manufacturing) to identify, produce, characterize and optimize recombinant proteins for use as therapeutic agents in a variety of oncology indications. The candidate will bring to the role a solid foundation and hands-on experience in molecular biology, as well as a strong desire and capacity to learn and grow scientifically and professionally.


is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel, adaptive and controllable cell therapies for the treatment of patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. The Company's vision is to expand access to cell therapies to millions of patients under the care of academic and community practices. The company is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland and has assembled a team of biotechnology professionals with expertise in biologics discovery, characterization, and development.


Responsibilities will depend, in part, on aptitude and prior experience, but are likely to include some or all of the following:

  • Collaborate with other scientists to design, generate and characterize recombinant proteins.
  • Perform selection and screening of phage, yeast and mammlian display libraries.
  • Perform subcloning of DNA constructs for expression in bacterial and mammalian systems.
  • Perform mammalian cell culture to support and execute, transient transfection, protein expression and purification.
  • Plan, execute, record and analyze experiments.
  • Summarize and present data in group meetings and contribute to group discussions.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed laboratory notebook and documentation.
  • Participate in management of laboratory equipment, supplies and operation.


Preferred qualification will depend, in part, on hiring level (RA I to Senior RA), but are likely to include some or all of the following:

  • MS in the life sciences (e.g. Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering), with 1 or more years of relevant experience in an academic or industry laboratory. Or BS in the life sciences with 2 or more years of relevant academic or industry experience.
  • Proficient with molecular biology methods, including: PCR, gel electrophoresis, plasmid DNA preparation, restriction enzyme analysis, expression vector design, construction, cloning and screening.
  • Experience with sequence analysis software (e.g. SnapGene, Sequencher, Lasergene, BLAST, etc.), including construct and primer design and sequence confirmation.
  • Experience with protein expression (e.g. transient transfection of mammalian cells or induction of bacterial cells) or purification (e.g. column chromatography) methods.
  • Experience with characterization of recombinant proteins, including: ELISA, Octet BLI, Biacore SPR, MSD, SDS-PAGE, protein quantitation, etc..


  • Commitment to ethical scientific investigations and rigorous experimental methods
  • Ability and desire to multitask and function in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment
  • Sense of urgency in performance of duties
  • Interpersonal skills that promote a collaborative and productive lab environment
  • Effective and efficient written and oral communication skills



Without exception, applicants must submit both a cover letter and resume to be considered for these positions and must have experience in one of the fields listed above.