Fungal Geneticist

Hexagon Bio
Menlo Park, California
Jul 28, 2021
NextGen Bio
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Company Description

At Hexagon Bio we are leveraging our proprietary genomics-based platform and understanding of natural product evolution to develop the next generation of medicines for human disease. Our interdisciplinary platform uses data science, genomics, synthetic biology, chemistry and automation to discover potent, evolutionarily refined small molecules and their cognate targets directly from fungal genomes. 

Job Description

As a fungal geneticist on the platform team at Hexagon Bio, you will utilize your deep understanding of fungal biology to access the novel medicines encoded in fungal genomes.  You will collaborate closely with other members of the platform team to improve our existing filamentous fungal hosts and establish new strains as hosts for the heterologous expression of biosynthetic gene clusters.  You will work with data scientists and automation engineers to improve the throughput of our engineering platform for filamentous fungi.   

About You:

  • You are a hands-on bench scientist who takes pride in your ability to strategically design and execute experiments 
  • You are curious and approach problems with an open mind
  • You’re collaborative by nature and seek out the input and expertise of your colleagues
  • You think big and are excited by problems that have not yet been solved
  • You work with purpose and are committed to the quest of developing new medicines
  • You are intellectually generous and openly share your ideas and expertise 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Engineer improved versions of existing filamentous fungal hosts in Hexagon's heterologous expression pipeline
  • Establish new strains of filamentous fungi to serve as hosts in Hexagon's heterologous expression pipeline
  • Develop strong relationships and communicate your science effectively with colleagues at all levels and across all teams
  • Foster a culture of scientific excellence, teamwork and innovation


  • a PhD or equivalent experience in microbiology / genetics or a related field
  • Expertise in culturing and genetic manipulation of filamentous fungi
  • Deep understanding of fungal physiology with a focus on secondary metabolism
  • Experience with bioreactors and large scale fungal fermentation is preferred
  • Experience with genome, gene expression, and phylogenetic data analysis is a plus
  • Familiarity with Python, LCMS analysis and automated liquid handling preferred
  • An interest in drug development and biotech
  • The flexibility to work at the early stages of a startup

Hexagon Bio is an equal opportunity employer and committed to a diverse workplace. All applicants will be considered equally without regard to race, color, ethnicity, veteran status, religion, national origin, marital status, political affiliation, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability status, membership in an organization or any other non-merit factors.