Computer Systems Analyst

 We are currently searching for a Computer Systems Analyst to provide support to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This opportunity is a full-time position with MSC, and it is on-site in Bethesda, MD. 


Duties & Responsibilities
  • Provides technical experience needed to perform analyses, processing and user support of various computer systems using standard statistical procedures and techniques.
  • Program machine learning platforms, including PyTorch and TensorFlow.
  • Perform image analysis using machine learning on desktop and GPU-based computers.
  • Program machine learning algorithms to detect organs and lesions on radiology images.
  • Convert images from DICOM format to other formats suitable for machine learning algorithms.
  • Program in C and Python in Linux and Windows Operating Systems.
  • Perform quality assurance and quality-control and troubleshoot issues with image analysis and quality.
  • Perform image analysis using Image J, ITKSnap and 3D Slicer.
  • Design and perform radiology image processing experiments.
  • Trace organs and lesions on radiology images in 2D and 3D.
  • Use Carestream PACS to download images for processing.
  • Analyze results of the data that are collected during experimental studies using Microsoft Excel and Access and perform statistical analysis using MedCalc statistical analysis software.
  • Perform statistical analysis of experimental data obtained at various time points.
  • Prepare research data for presentation and manuscripts.
  • Prepare and give scientific presentations and literature reviews at lab meeting.
  • Prepare and give oral and poster presentations at national and international scientific conferences.
  • Write scientific manuscripts on experiments that were performed.
  • Program macros in Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.
  • Use Microsoft Access to store and analyze data.
  • Prepare and submit Institutional Review Board IRB documents relating to the labs research, maintain the IRB submission process, work with NIH staff to prepare, submit and modify IRB documents on a timely basis and following up to ensure timely completion by NIH administrative staff.
  • Perform lab administrative tasks such as collecting and communicating travel information, conference attendance, hiring documentation, trainee documentation, purchasing requests and following up to ensure timely completion by NIH administrative staff.
  • Facilitate lab project management by organizing projects and tasks, communicating with staff and trainees, collecting and organizing data, following up with staff and trainees to ensure timely task and project completion.
  • Set up and use various computer systems and software packages.
  • Manage a data storage and backup for scientific computers using available resources.
  • Establish and/or maintain local storage and high-speed networks.
  • Maintain back up and archiving systems to avoid loss of research data.
  • Program macros; store and analyze data.
  • Lead data acquisition, data mining, and analysis techniques.
  • Compiles and manages data and assists with quality control.
  • Provide project management guidance and assistance to specific projects and activities.
  • Provide integrated domain expertise across complex computational environments.
  • Provide software recommendations and solutions across diverse scientific applications, including freeware relevant to analyses of scientific discovery.
  • Provide support and consultation in the areas of scientific computation, application-development, and computer modeling.
  • Support and maintain scientific computer systems including hardware, operating systems, and associated services in a high-performance computing environment.
  • Design, develop, document, analyze, create, test and modify computer systems, programs and integrations.
  • Produces various reports, graphs and figures for presentation.
  • Develop methods for analyzing complex datasets from various sources; document methodological approaches to data analysis performed, including detailed procedures and rationale.
  • Perform software source-control commits and patches to software projects.
  • Perform statistical analysis of experimental data obtained at various time points.
  • Determine needs and provide IT support for computerized systems supporting activities.
  • Maintains systems software as well as hardware and security configurations.
  • Develop custom computer applications for collecting and analyzing data, including some that interface with commercial and custom-built hardware.
  • Perform algorithm development and implementation.
  • Perform troubleshooting, interpretation of results and analysis.
  • Utilize knowledge of data structure, data management and various programming language description.
  • Manage data formatting input and output.
  • Analyze results of the data that are collected during experimental studies; perform statistical analysis using statistical analysis software.
  • Drive collection of new data and the refinement of existing data.
  • Maintains interface software between multiple computer environments to ensure smooth operation and communication.
  • Prepare data and analysis for presentations and publication.
  • Prepare research data for presentation and manuscripts.
  • Provide documentation as required and participate in code reviews, planning sessions, and routine status meetings.
  • Develop new programs and systems as needed.
  • Maintain computational infrastructure, including upgrading and configuration of hardware and software systems.
  • Mitigate security vulnerabilities; remediate vulnerabilities and ensure that all the Operating Systems are hardened and up to date; administer firewalls, web servers, file servers and database servers.
  • Support and maintain commercial scientific software and freeware relevant to analyses and scientific discovery.
  • Maintain system software, hardware configuration, and security, as well as upgrade of the software as necessary to maintain security.
  • Deploy security measures to maintain integrity of data.
  • Coordinate data storage and mining.
  • Implement improvements to development activities to speed development of applications, databases, or software tools.
  • Create system documentation, electronic templates and examples, training materials and presentations.
  • Design and maintain data analysis pipelines for research data.
  • Develop customized software to detect and measure specific structures and events of interest for statistical analysis and testing specific hypotheses.
  • Create specialized computer software to automatically analyze experimental data efficiently.
  • Develop dedicated and efficient computer software using state of the art computer science approaches, including modern programming languages and coed libraries, machine learning, cross-platform programming, and high-performance computing.
  • Develop scripts to automate data processing pipelines.
  • Develop and implement new or major revisions to applications, databases, or software tools.
  • Research new technologies, standards, and systems to improve existing products and websites.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer and Information Systems, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Programming and Data Processing, Mathematics and Computer Science, Statistics and Decision Science or other related discipline.
  • Minimum (3) three years related experience.
  • Machine learning, experience with medical image processing, Scientific Data analysis, Algorithm development, Data annotation, Statistical modeling, Database management, Data visualization, Data presentation
  • Software: PyTorch, Python, Linux, C++, TensorFlow.


Company Description

We are a trusted government partner that blends deep domain expertise with advanced technologies to help our customers solve complex problems that improve, protect, and save lives. As a rapidly growing company, we combine entrepreneurial spirit, customer focus, and an outcomes-based approach to support agency missions in health IT, life sciences, public safety, and grants management.


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