Scientist II, Translational Medicine

San Francisco Bay Area
Jul 16, 2021
Biotech Bay
Required Education
Position Type
Full time
Zai Lab is seeking a Scientist who will join our Translational Medicine group and contribute to building pre-clinical translational hypotheses to guide patient selection and drug combinations with Zai's clinical pipeline. The incumbent will play a role in supporting development of pre-clinical models and biomarker discovery for our clinical pipelines.

This position is located in Menlo Park, CA and reports to our Principal Scientist, Translational Medicine.


- Contribute to positioning our cancer therapeutics in right patient selection based on pre-clinical translational hypotheses

- Support development of pre-clinical models and biomarker discovery to establish best patient selection strategy for our clinical trials

- Support Translational Medicine efforts for the large/small molecule pipelines and Zai's clinical assets

- Perform laboratory bench work with minimal supervision and present the results/findings internally and externally

- Perform routine assays (luminescence/fluorescence assay, qPCR, ELISA, cloning, cytotoxicity assay, western blot, immune staining, confocal microscope, gene knockdown/knockout, flow cytometer, cell culture, gene cloning, gene delivery with lenti/retro virus)

- Process human biological samples such as PBMC and perform ADCC, CDC, ADCP assay

- Maintain/update sample/cell database

- Analyze data from experiments and present the data at a meeting


- PhD in immunology and/or oncology with a minimum of 0-2 years' relevant post-graduate experience in immunology and/or oncology, or MS with a minimum of 8-10 years' experience in immunology and/or oncology

- Broad training/experience in Molecular/Cell Biology including but not limited to cell culture, DNA/RNA extraction, PCR/qPCR, ELISA, confocal microscope, cloning, and primary cell isolation/culture, immune cell differentiation/activation/co-culture is required

- Experience in the field of immunology and/or oncology is required, including hands-on experience with functional characterization of large/small molecules in vitro/ex vivo

- Proficiency in multi-color flow cytometer is required

- Experience in a live cell imaging using florescence/confocal microscope is a huge plus

- Experience with human biological samples such as PBMC to perform ADCC, CDC, ADCP assay is a huge plus

- Knowledge of tumor microenvironment, immune-oncology, human immunology, in vivo animal model, biomarker, RNAseq, histology, immunohistochemistry is highly desirable

- Demonstrated success in designing, conducting, and analyzing data with minimal supervision, as evidenced by a robust track record of productivity with publications in top-tier journals

- Strong communication and collaboration skills, and capability to conduct research in fast-paced, cross-functional team environment

- Ability to interpret data clearly and concisely both verbally and visually in presentations

- High integrity and desire to discover and develop transformational medicines for patients

- Strong interpersonal ability to collaboratively work in a cross-functional team setting

If you are interested in this position, please send an email with your resume.