RA/SRA, Platform Technology (Protein Sciences)

Spotlight Therapeutics (Hayward, CA)
Jul 08, 2021
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

Spotlight Therapeutics is a venture funded early-stage biotechnology company with a mission to develop a new class of therapeutics by enabling direct in vivo gene editing. Founded by Alex Marson (UCSF), Jacob Corn (UZH), and Patrick Hsu (UC-Berkeley) in December of 2017, Spotlight is building its core technology platform to achieve precise in vivo gene editing in targeted cell populations, expanding CRISPR therapeutic applications and patient access.  

We are looking for an enthusiastic RA/SRA to join our team to help engineer, produce and characterize high-quality proteins and protein nucleic acid complexes to support Spotlight’s novel, proprietary in vivo CRISPR delivery platform.  

This position requires a minimum of 2 years of experience, with previous experience in parallel production and purification of fusion proteins and/or protein nucleic acid complexes using prokaryotic expression systems. Prior experience with small scale automation, protein characterization, assay development, and IVTT/TXTL is desirable.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Efficiently execute parallel experimental workflows to

  • Design, express, purify, and characterize CRISPR nuclease fusion proteins

  • Prepare and assess quality of protein complexes with gRNA

  • Maintain organized stocks of strains, proteins, nucleic acids, and complexes

  • Design, perform, and accurately interpret timely, high-quality experiments

  • Consolidate, report data and present in context as needed.

  • Keep detailed and clear records of all experiments and data

  • Read literature and apply it practically



●     BS/MS in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology or related field with a minimum of 2 years of additional relevant experience (ideally industrial setting)

●     Expertise in microbiological technique, bacterial culture at many scales, and protein purification using HPLC and batch and open columns

●     Flexibility and compatibility with multitasking desirable

●     Well organized, detail-oriented data collection and data management

●     Excellent written and verbal communication skills

●     Goal oriented self-starter, independent thinker, curiosity and willingness to attempt new approaches