Research Scientist



ProMab Biotechnologies Inc., is a leading company at the forefront of high quality monoclonal antibody development with a strong position in CAR-T research application. ProMab seeks an experienced and motivated Technical Support / Scientist who will interact with clients and provide scientific information for our antibody & cellular immunotherapy services.




Ph.D. in the field of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Oncology, or related fields.

Highly-motivated, independent and responsible with excellent communication skills.

Strong work ethic and desire to learn.

Skilled in time management, organization, attention to detail to collaborate with clients & lab staff.

Broad and deep knowledge with hands-on experience in cancer research/cancer biology research, antibody engineering and their product development.

Strong technical skills on stem cell culture, medium formulation, antibody labeling, molecular cloning, antibody humanization, and mammalian protein expression system.

Required: hands-on experience with DNA expression vector design, stable cell line generation, protein expression in E. coli, yeast, baculovirus, and mammalian cells.

Additionally, experience with immunofluorescence assay, ELISA, Western blot, flow cytometry, immunogenicity assay, and tumorigenicity (in vivo) study desired.

Bonus: Monoclonal antibody development, antibody humanization, phage display, and virology experiences are highly desired.


Duties & Responsibilities:


1. Skillfully design, perform, and write-up experiments.

2. Work well with people.


Education and/or Experience:


Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Cell Biology/Molecular Biology/Immunology or closely related fields, with 5-10 years of relevant experience in a Life Science/Biotechnology industry ranging from laboratory bench work to R&D.


ProMab is an equal opportunity employer and offers competitive salary based experience and performance.


Benefits include: ProMab offers health, dental and vision insurance program to all full-time employees