Research Associate - Molecular Biology (M/F)

DNA Script
San Francisco, CA, United States
Jun 10, 2021
Biotech Bay
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time
We are looking to assemble a team of best-in-class, innovative and passionate people. We want to gather their talents and skills to achieve one goal: unlock the power of "DNA-write". We offer the opportunity of joining a dynamic, international and highly skilled team in a pioneering startup. Our Next-Hour DNA Synthesis platforms not only have the potential to change the way the world makes and uses synthetic DNA, but also to accelerate the rate of discovery by delivering upon the promise of same-day results.

This is an opportunity to join a rapidly growing company and to have a large impact on developing a technology that will have far-reaching impact across biological sciences.

The position will be US based, in the South San Francisco, California office.

  • Design and develop assays directed at qualifying DNA synthesis quality leveraging PCR and/or qPCR.
  • Contribute to/lead the design of synthesis controls which can be assayed within 24hours.
  • Carry out experiments and various tasks related to the validation of SYNTAX instrumentation.
  • Perform routine quality control tests of synthesized DNA: spectrophotometry, gel electrophoresis, fluorescence imaging, DNA quantitation, qPCR and NGS.
  • Perform reagents quality and stability studies as needed.
  • Prepare and revise the work instructions and reports as required.
  • Develop, optimize, validate, and troubleshoot analytical test methods.
  • Maintain a clean work environment including glassware, instruments, and workspace.
  • Interface and assist with hardware engineering as needed to improve and extend DNA synthesis capabilities.
  • Perform fluorescence labeling of DNA samples (end-labeling), order and maintain nucleotide solutions and precursors.
  • Prepare buffers, solutions, reaction mixes, etc. following approved protocols.
Preferred experience

  • A Bachelor's in chemistry, biochemistry, or related field.
  • Minimum of 2 years' experience working in a research laboratory, involving PCR and qPCR.
  • Knowledge of molecular biological techniques for handling and manipulating DNA samples.
  • Experience with reagent preparation & qualification.
  • Strong documentation skills and ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing, utilizing Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Proficient in data analysis and interpretation.

Ideal Candidate will have:
  • Strong analytical mindset, detail oriented, and adept using Microsoft Excel or other tools to communicate and present data.
  • Past experience involving primer, probe (Fluorescent label) design for qPCR.
  • Versatile and adaptable to new methods, technologies, and approaches.
  • Prior experience with library-preparation and next-generation sequencing.
  • Experience in high-throughput experimental formats, such as 96-well and 384 well-formats.
  • Relevant experience working in a GMP/GLP environment
  • Proactive, solutions-focused
  • Self-motivated and passionate.
  • Comfortable to work in a fast-paced work environment.
Recruitment process
  • Phone Interview with manager
  • Day interview with manager, cofounders, HR and the team
  • References Check
  • Timing: around 2-3 weeks