Research Associate/Senior Research Associate: Pharmacodynamics (PD) / Translational Science (TS)

Hayward, California
Jun 09, 2021
Biotech Bay
Required Education
Associate Degree
Position Type
Full time

The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of immunology, flow cytometry, ELISA, common molecular biology techniques, and data analysis/visualization software. Familiarity with clinical sample handling, biobanking, or lab management would be an advantage. Direct experience with isolation of primary cells from blood samples and/or handling of FFPE samples is preferred. This position will require a candidate with very strong organizational skills and attention to detail, coupled with an aptitude and enthusiasm for collaboration, maintaining high quality data, and managing the integrity of our complex clinical trial datasets and sample records.


Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Biological sample banking, including isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, serum and plasma from patient blood samples, or nucleic acids from FFPE tissues and blood samples
  • Clinical sample database management, including routine accessioning and record-keeping pertaining to patient samples (advanced opportunities in database management and automation of laboratory processes available depending on aptitude and interest)
  • Execution of pharmacodynamic assays on clinical patient blood samples, including in vitro cell-based immunoassays and biochemical assays (ie: flow cytometry, ELISA)
  • Development of new assays as molecules move towards first in human (FIH) studies
  • Working with a team of PD scientists and other research associates to complete daily routine laboratory work to ensure consistent and timely delivery of high-quality data
  • Contributing during lab meetings and assisting in the analysis and reporting of experimental data to project teams



  • S/M.S. degree in immunology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology or related field, with minimum 1-2 years research experience, preferably in an industry setting
  • Proven laboratory skills including experience with common cell biology and molecular techniques
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Willingness to learn and adapt quickly in a fast-paced environment to deliver on time-sensitive objectives
  • An aptitude for critical thinking, process optimization, and assay development