92121, San Diego
Jun 02, 2021
Required Education
Masters Degree/MBA
Position Type
Full time

Company Overview:

Organovo is an early-stage biotechnology company that is developing and utilizing highly customized 3D human tissues as dynamic models of healthy and diseased human biology for drug development.

We use proprietary technology to build functional 3D human tissues that mimic key aspects of native human tissue composition, architecture, function and disease. Our advances include cell type-specific compartments, prevalent intercellular tight junctions, and the formation of microvascular structures. We believe these attributes can enable critical complex, multicellular disease models that we will use to develop clinically effective drugs for selected therapeutic areas.

Position Overview:

Organovo is building a team of skilled scientists that will design, build, characterize, and validate human primary 3D tissues capable of reproducing disease phenotypes to identify targets and discover drugs with improved efficacy in the clinic.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and build human primary cell 3D tissue constructs for drug discovery
  • Utilize a battery of assay technologies to evaluate effects of modulators on disease phenotype in tissue constructs, including ELISA, qPCR, viability, and histology.
  • Identify and implement new assay technologies that impact assay value, throughput and/or performance
  • Primary cell culture and maintenance of 3D tissues
  • Develop strategies that link our 3D models closely to the clinical disease phenotype
  • Summarize data and report results to supervisor, internal and external groupsĀ 
  • Adhere closely to defined timelines to meet internal goals, often dealing with multiple projects in parallel
  • Provide training and supervision to junior staff, as needed

Key Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. with approximately 1-5 years or Masters degree with 5+ years training in cell or molecular biology
  • Experience in culture of primary human cells (e.g. Cardiac, Skin)
  • Candidates should display excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as participating as part of a dynamic team
  • Candidates may be responsible for managing a small team of scientists and/or research associates and must be able to function independently, think critically and creatively, and be technically innovative to design and build new in vitro models
  • Although not essential, candidates with experience in liver or lung cell primary cell culture, biomaterial fabrication and characterization, and relevant industry or biotechnology experience in tissue engineering, stem cell biology, iPSC generation and 3D tissue modeling are preferred.