Senior Curation Scientist

Boston, MA and New Jersey
May 07, 2021
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Rancho Biosciences is seeking a Senior Data Curator to be a Lead on a project and provide solution for data management, integration and curation.

We are a Data Curation company working with some of the most renowned Pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our team of scientists, curators, computational biologists, biostatisticians and computer scientists are located throughout the country; we support talented people living where they chose, working collaboratively together on projects that have a real impact on human health.

In this role you will:

  • Gather requirements from the customer and propose strategic directions and potential solutions.
  • Plan and implement efforts to provide informatics solutions for laboratory and/or clinical data management.
  • Communicate strategies, ideas, goals, and progress to the customer and the team.
  • In collaboration with terminology management and curation teams, support the definition of new data standards, data models, terminologies, and ontologies.
  • Collaborate frequently with clinical scientists, statisticians, data curators, terminology experts, and database specialists.


  • PhD degree in Life Sciences
  • 5-10 years pharma/biotech experience in either lab or computational or research facing IT domains
  • Thorough understanding of R&D processes and the scientific data lifecycle.
  • Experience with scientific data management tools and techniques, informatics systems, and managing scientific stakeholder relationships is highly desirable.
  • Knowledge of the UNIX operating system, and familiarity with a scripting language (e.g., Perl or Python) or a statistical programming environment (e.g., R or SAS) is a plus.
  • Understanding of data standards, semantics, terminologies, ontologies, and best practices for data governance. Familiarity with the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data guiding principles is a plus.
  • Exposure to public biomedical ontologies and standards consortiums (e.g. OBI, NCI, MedDRA, MeSH, LOINC, Uberon, RxNorm, CDISC, Allotrope, OHDSI, or FHIR) is a plus.

Soft Skills:

  • Experience translating project requirements to both business process solutions and technical solutions
  • Independently driven, hardworking and committed
  • Able to communicate effectively at all levels
  • Detail-oriented and well organized, with an ability to work collaboratively/remotely.