Neurobiologist/Tissue Engineer

Position Overview: Javelin’s discovery biology and tissue engineering team seeks an experienced, highly motivated individual for the role of Research Neuroscientist at the Assistant Scientist, Associate Scientist, or Scientist level. The discovery biology team is responsible for developing complex in vitro models (CIVMs) that recreate the relevant cytoarchitecture and physiology to facilitate disease modeling and drug development studies in alignment with company strategic goals. The successful candidate will be responsible for applying their scientific expertise in neuroscience towards expanding our neurodegenerative disease modeling capabilities.



  • Design, execute, and analyze laboratory experiments and data analysis for ongoing projects utilizing long-term tissue culture of primary cells, cell lines, and iPSCs in 2D and 3D formats and measuring quantitative, physiologically relevant readouts.  

  • Utilize (stem) cell biology and tissue engineering approaches to develop modern pharmacology tools for preclinical drug discovery, such as human-relevant microphysiological systems, tissue chips, organ-on-chips, and 3D cultures of the brain and blood-brain barrier to provide clinically relevant insights.

  • Work with an interdisciplinary team of scientists to iteratively develop state of art pathophysiological models for Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

  • Establish and implement advanced tissue engineering technologies for deeper understanding of human physiology and drug-physiology interactions.

  • Present scientific and technical data to both internal and external collaborators/clients.



  • Degree (BS or MS) in neuroscience, biomedical engineering, cell biology, molecular biology, or related field with 2+ years of relevant lab experience. Appointment level will depend on skill set and years of experience.

  • Proven hands-on experience and outstanding laboratory technique with attention to detail (aseptic technique, human/mammalian cell culture, biochemical assays, etc.); experience working with primary and/or human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons, including isolation, expansion, reprogramming, differentiation, and cryopreservation; experience with glial cells and blood-brain barrier culture models is a plus.

  • Experience with electrophysiology and/or optogenetics is a plus.

  • Knowledge of genetic engineering, CRISPR/Cas9, RNASeq, etc. is a plus.

  • 1+ years of experience developing and using advanced tissue culture systems including microphysiological systems, tissue chips, organ-on-chips, 3D cultures.

  • Demonstrated scientific experience in neuroscience and/or tissue engineering with peer-reviewed publications, and presentations.

  • Detail-oriented, organized, and scientifically driven with proficient reasoning skills in experimental design, data analysis and interpretation.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to follow complex instructions, multitask, carefully document work in written records.

  • Strong data analysis and statistical skills is required (e.g., Prism, MATLAB, R-studio etc.)

  • Able to work well under direction as well as independently; self-motivated and able to work as a team in a multidisciplinary, fast-paced, dynamic, and results-oriented environment.

  • Available to start within 4-6 weeks.