Research Scientist, Sr - Bioch Mol Ph

Worcester, MA
Dec 16, 2020
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time



Under the general direction of the Principle Investigator, the Senior Research Scientist performs a variety of complex research experiments on a range of biochemical (enzymatic), biophysical and structural biology (x-ray; Cryo-EM) characterization of proteins pertinent to the interests of the research programs of the laboratory.




  • Design and implement research projects in the laboratory.
  • Stay current with the literature and regularly leads discussions of new reports pertinent to ongoing and proposed projects.
  • Design and implement experiments to further ongoing research projects, in consultation with the principal investigator.
  • Responsible for data acquisition, data analysis, and presentation of research results.
  • Organize and analyze data acquired in the course of research projects.
  • Prepare and present data for publication in public forums.
  • Assist in the preparation of manuscripts, grant applications and other research proposals.
  • Specific expertise in the study of enzymes is required including:
  • Preparation of large milligram quantities of purified proteins that are amenable to protein crystallography.
  • Engineering proteins to optimize expression and probe specific aspects of activity.
  • Designing and optimizing well controlled enzymatic assays – including acquiring, processing, analyzing and preparing for public presentation (grants/seminars/articles) the data.
  • Measuring kcat / Km and Kd by kinetic (fluorescent anisotropy) or thermodynamic (isothermal titration calorimetry) assays.
  • Crystallization of apo and liganded proteins – with either substrates or inhibitors that are of quality for crystallographic studies.


  • Train and supervise junior lab personnel, ensuring staff is trained in current methodology and safety procedures in the laboratory.
  • Participate regularly in laboratory meetings.
  • Navigate and train the diverse personalities that make up our dynamic laboratory.
  • Provide support for under-represented minorities scholars.
  • Ensure researchers in the laboratory are aware of the experimental nuances and potential risks of their experiments – that they are using the optimal approach to obtain quality data.
  • Coordinate the protein expression -> crystallization efforts with regard to the various ongoing projects in the lab.
  • Provide leadership and continuity around enzyme assays in the lab.

Laboratory Operations:

  • Lead and coordinate the general operation of the laboratory.
  • Maintaining records and samples of generated lab reagents: strains, plasmids, proteins and data.
  • Maintain standard operating procedure of laboratory protocols and best practices.
  • Run the lab in a positive supportive manner.
  • Daily ordering of supplies, organizing lab supplies.
  • Interface with vendors both around purchases and service contracts.
  • Perform routine maintenance on specialized laboratory equipment and interface with vendors.
  • Provide Departmental Support for shared instrumentation (ITC) and as part of the Structure Based Drug Design Core
  • Interface with collaborators across the University and around the Country
  • Perform other duties as required.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a Biological Science, or equivalent degree
  • 7 years of research experience.
  • Familiarity with general laboratory procedures.
  • Expertise in specific procedures and instrumentation necessary to complete specific research programs.
  • Current knowledge of pertinent literature.
  • Oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to travel to off-site locations