R&D Spec, Screening & Genotyping

Tarrytown, NY, United States
Nov 14, 2020
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

We are looking for an R&D Specialist to join our VelociGene group. Our goal is to exploit the power of mouse genetics to unlock the function of each gene in the genome. Regeneron scientists developed VelociGene®, a proprietary group of technologies for the modification of the mouse genome.

Eliminating or modifying a single gene in the mouse genome can provide insight into the role that gene plays in normal physiology and disease pathogenesis. The high-throughput of the automated VelociGene technology enables it to provide, as the name implies, the fastest path from gene discovery to assignment of function. In support of the Regeneron drug development programs, VelociGene has delivered outstanding speed and capacity for the validation of therapeutic targets and the creation of animal models for human disease. Utilizing VelociGene in conjunction with our VelociMouse® method, Regeneron is able to vastly increase the speed and reduce the cost associated with the generation of genetically engineered mice for understanding the function of each gene.

The versatile VelociGene technology enables the tackling of projects ranging from a single base mutation to multi-gene deletions and the replacement of mouse genes with their human homologs. The pinnacle of the VelociGene technological achievements was the largest mammalian genetic engineering project ever accomplished: the creation of the VelocImmune™ mouse - a mouse capable of producing human antibodies that can serve as specific and potent therapeutics.

In this role, a typical day might include the following:
• Consistently following appropriate robotic methods for TaqMan qPCR setup and demonstrating the ability to summarize and analyze data with accuracy.
• Contributing to identifying and troubleshooting routine genotyping related problems and/or optimizing processes.
• Routinely interpreting data and recognizing anomalous results.
• Multi-tasking across assignments and operating optimally in the face of ambiguity and change
• Performing experiments utilizing state-of-the-art molecular technologies for genotyping of mouse and rat disease models
• Organizing and compiling results into a finished format for presentation.

This role might be for you if:
• You are interested in participating in our Technology Development efforts.
• You maintain scientific curiosity and familiarity with current advances in transgenic and genome engineering technologies and literature, and apply such knowledge toward development of new or improved technologies.
• You thrive in a team environment and have strong collaborative and communication skills.
• You are excited to learn new technologies.

To be considered for this role, you must have a minimum of a Bachelor's in biology, molecular biology, or related biological sciences with 5 years of proven experience, or a Master's degree with 3 years of relevant experience. We need someone with experience analyzing data generated from qPCR experiments. A good understanding of mammalian genetics is essential. Experience in the area of genome engineering including CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Hands-on knowledge of molecular biology and recombinant DNA technology is a bonus. Basic understanding of bioinformatics methods, such as DNA sequence analysis and comparison, database searching, vector construction and primer design is recommended. Preferred digital literacy includes: word processing, spreadsheets, graphing, database management.