Scientist/Senior Scientist, Immuno-Oncology - Translational Medicine

San Francisco, CA, United States
Oct 29, 2020
Biotech Bay
Required Education
Position Type
Full time
Zai Lab is seeking a Scientist/Senior Scientist, Immunology or Immuno-Oncology, who will play an active role in supporting ongoing clinical trials including identification and validation of pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers, elucidation of mechanism of action, and establishment of pre-clinical translational hypotheses to guide patient selection and drug combinations for Zai's clinical pipelines.

Responsibilities :

- Perform day-to-day laboratory bench work and present scientific findings/results internally and externally

- Develop, design, execute and validate various preclinical translational hypotheses and define mechanism of action of therapeutic molecules in the area of immune oncology to support patient selection and drug combinations of clinical pipelines

- Provide immunology expertise for the identification, validation and execution of biomarkers including pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers

- Evaluate and characterize pharmacological responses to therapeutics in variety of in vitro (e.g. co-culture) ex-vivo, and in vivo model systems (e.g. effects on composition/functions of the tumor microenvironment)

- Search, evaluate and adopt the latest methodology/ technology to advance preclinical immuno-oncology research

- Execute experiments and scientific tasks with a high level of independence and scientific rigor

- Manage internal and external (academic and contract research organizations) resources to deliver quality data in an efficient manner

- Oversee and contribute to daily lab duties including budget, reagents, common supplies, and EH&S rules, etc.

- Contribute to building a culture that embraces continuous learning and improvement and disease biology expertise


- PhD in immunology or cancer immunology, with a minimum 2-5 years' relevant post-doctoral research experience in the field of immuno-oncology OR MS in immunology or cancer immunology, with a minimum 8-10 years' relevant research experience in the field of immuno-oncology

- Ability to work with minimum supervision in generating experimental hypothesis, designing and executing experiments, data analysis, interpretation and presentation

- Proficiency in multi-color flow-cytometry platforms and multiplex Luminex/MSD ELISA is required

- Experience in immune cell profiling including but not limited to specific immune cell differentiation, activation, and suppression (e.g. macrophage, dendritic cells, T cells et al) under in vitro/in vivo manipulations, is required

- Knowledge and experience of using a variety of in vitro (e.g co-culture), ex-vivo, and in vivo model systems (e.g. immune compositions, tumor/TME) to tackle translational hypothesis will be a plus

- Demonstrated proficiency in broad range of experimental techniques including Western blot, IHC, and immunofluorescence, etc.

- Experience with gene expression analysis including RT-qPCR, RNA-seq, and RNA ISH, etc.

- Strong oral and written communication skills

- Ability to understand and work with bioinformatics

- Strong interpersonal ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional team setting

- Strong track record of productivity, as evidenced by driving project forward and robust publications

- Enthusiastic, open-minded, and active in scientific development and personal growth

If you are interested in this position, please send an email with your resume to