Research Associate

Emeryville, CA
Oct 05, 2020
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

Design and develop new cartridge prototypes, working with biosensors, filters, conjugate pads, microfluidics, device programming, etc. to enable specific biological assays on the eLab platform. Design processes required to manufacture product components by developing fixtures (CAD, Laser Printer, 3D Printer, Solidworks etc.), installing necessary components on machinery (Vacuum, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Regulator etc.), scripting robotic liquid handlers, drafting qualification requirements, and writing quality documentations. Design and execute biological wet lab experiments using ELISA, enzymatic assays, chromogenic assays, fluorescence/chemiluminescence. Work with electrochemical (CV, chronocoulommetry) and analytical (FTIR, Raman) tools to characterize biosensors and their performance. Develop quality control methods and implement them in the quality system. Perform large scale data analysis using JMP, PRISM, MATLAB, and Python to analyze research data and manufacturing data.

Requiresa Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent*) in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Bioengineering or related field and three (3) months of experience in the job offer or as an Intern. This position also requires three (3) months of experience in Analytical Techniques such as HPLC; Process Design and Optimization; and Experimental Design.