Postdoc - Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Genome Biology

Lake County, IL, US
Sep 27, 2019
Required Education
Position Type
Full time
AbbVie is a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company with a mission to use expertise of dedicated people and unique approach to innovation and to develop advanced therapies that address some of the world's most complex and serious diseases. The Postdoctoral Program is designed for true investigational and experimental research. Participants will be mentored by renowned industry scientists and collaborators at AbbVie and focused on delivering cutting-edge advancements in discovery, development new treatment modalities. The enriching training program offers a balance of structured learning and work experience which fosters a learning environment to advance individual development with accessibility to high-level knowledge building across the drug development continuum.

To be successful, we need outstanding individuals willing to challenge themselves to find the best solutions for our patients. The AbbVie Postdoctoral Program is one way we are doing just that.

Through our Postdoctoral Program, we are hiring postdocs from key academic institutions for preferred areas of science in the U.S., while providing a unique opportunity for participants to build a solid career foundation in the pharmaceutical industry while building the AbbVie brand as an employer of choice for scientific talent. Participants in the Postdoctoral Program play an integral part in our continued success and will help us to further grow as a leader in our industry. The successful candidate will conduct novel and impactful research over a 2-3-year period. High-impact publications and presentations at scientific meetings are expected outcomes along with the opportunity to gain valuable experience working within a top-tier biopharmaceutical company. This assignment is expected to be for two years minimally and no more than three years.

Abbvie is making a significant push into Genomics and Genetics for drug discovery and development. In the past year we've made multiple investments in internal capabilities and external partnerships with leading academic groups and technology companies. In addition, we've recently created an internal research group, The Abbvie Genomics Research Center (GRC) within Drug Discovery Science and Technology (DDST). The GRC has core capabilities and research efforts in Genomic Technologies, Functional Genomics, Computational Genomics, Human Disease Genetics and Pharmacogenetics, and has dedicated support for IT infrastructure and access to excellent high-performance computing resources.

AbbVie Genomics Research Center (GRC) is seeking a highly motivated and skilled Postdoctoral Fellow to be part of The Genome Biology Group. Our research entails the functional annotation of sequence variants in candidate driver genes identified by next generation sequencing and human studies. Applicants should have a broad laboratory research experiences in genomics, gene targeting, cellular and molecular biology techniques. Strong communication and teamwork skills are essential as the candidate is expected to operate in a highly paced and multi-disciplined environment. The candidate must be able to manage multiple research projects. A background in the functional evaluation of coding/non-coding sequences as potential therapeutic targets is preferred.

Function of sequence variants in development and progression of diseases

Key responsibilities include:

  • Develop methods to determine the function of sequence variants nominated by AbbVie clinical trials and large-scale human sequencing studies in areas of neuroscience, cancer or immunology
  • Utilize the broad spectrum of methods as for example modification of genome using CRISPR technology, single cell sequencing, mastered different cell lines and stressors coupled with novel, microscopy- based phenotyping technology
  • Generate a comprehensive picture of these sequence variants in pathophysiology of diseases
  • Accessing/analyzing large scale sequencing and clinical phenotyping data
  • Learn, understand and master new experimental protocols
  • Contribute to writing of publications, presentations, and patents

Basic Qualifications:
  • PhD in fields such as cell and molecular biology, genetics, cancer biology, immunology, neuroscience
  • Proficiency working with the diverse primary and modified cell lines expose to different stressors
  • Mastering molecular/cell techniques including cell sorting, cell transfection and transduction, western blot, qRT-PCR, gel shift etc
  • Experience using gene editing tools (CRISPR, TALEN, or ZFN)
  • Experience with various genomic technologies such as RNAi, NGS, RNA Seq
  • Ability to profile gene expression in multiple in vitro and in vivo model
  • Experience in function assays to evaluate phenotypic changes in gene modified cells
  • Excellent attention to detail, organization and record keeping
  • Strong desire to work in a team of fast-paced drug discovery environment
  • Publication record supporting required basic qualifications preferentially as the first author in high ranking peer review journal

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in cellular and genomic analyses including functional evaluation of coding and non- coding DNA sequences
  • Direct or indirect experience in mouse/rat models of genetic disease
  • Excellent communication and project management skills
  • Proven track record of teamwork, adaptability, innovation, and integrity
  • Global mindset to thrive in a diverse culture and environment
  • Must be authorized to work in U.S.
  • Immediate availability

Key AbbVie Competencies:

  • Build strong relationships with peers and cross functionally with partners outside of the team to enable higher performance
  • Learns fast and can change the directions quickly when indicated
  • Raises the bar and is never satisfied with the status quo
  • Creates a learning environment, open to suggestions and improvement
  • Embraces the ideas of others, nurtures innovation and manages innovation to reality