Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Research Investigator

Princeton, NJ, United States
Jul 09, 2019
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

We are seeking a highly motivated and productive research investigator who will direct and perform experiments to characterize therapeutic targets and profile active molecules using in vitro assays and develop novel assays to support the Oncology Drug Discovery pipeline at BMS. The scientist will work closely in an integrated team of other labs and scientists developing experimental data to enable selection of optimal lead candidates and protein targets for potential therapy. This role is aligned and collaborating with Oncology Biology, Translational Medicine, Discovery Chemistry and Protein Therapeutics teams with a mission to discover and develop innovative therapies for Immuno-oncology and Oncology. Applicants must have a demonstrated track record to develop and validate in vitro, cell-based assays in immunology and/or immune-oncology. They must be able to independently troubleshoot assays, perform data analysis, and give presentations of the biologic basis and results of their work. Experience in high throughput assays incorporating the most up to date technologies, and working in a pharmaceutical research environment is a plus. They will Work with cross-functional project teams to implement solutions for assay automation. The candidate should also have an interest in new technologies and bringing them to bear on enhanced experimental methods and results. The ability to work within a high-paced, open and transparent, fully-integrated research environment, with good verbal and written communication skills is required.


PhD with 5+ years of post-graduate scientific experience in technical research in immunology or immune-oncology.

Comprehensive technical expertise in developing, optimizing, and performing diverse in vitro assays of cellular immunity using white blood cells or cell lines.

Experience in data troubleshooting and monitoring the work of other scientists is a plus.

Expertise in areas of flow cytometry or high-content imaging is desired.

Hands on experience with laboratory automation including instrumentation for assay readouts and liquid handling, and assays in 384-well systems will be optimal.

Prior experience in a pharmaceutical setting, performing experiments on small molecules or biologic therapies, and electronic record-keeping is a strength.

Demonstrated excellence in both written and oral communication, including presentations of technology and their experimental results is required.

Creative thinking and a strong desire to succeed in an interactive, transparent, collaborative environment is necessary.

Strong organizational skills to enable multi-tasking and an ability to achieve experimental and presentation deliverables, across projects, with ambitious timelines is required.