Full-Time Immunologist/Molecular Biologist

San Francisco, CA
Jul 01, 2019
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

CellSight Technologies, Inc., a molecular imaging company located in China Basin, San Francisco is seeking an experienced research scientist to help develop a molecular imaging agent for immunological/cancer immunotherapy applications. Preference will be given to candidates already in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The ideal candidate is a pre-clinical/clinical immunologist with at least 6 years of biomedical research experience and skilled in the following:

1) Ability to harvest rodent tissues, including lymph nodes, bone marrow, and spleen. Isolate and purify all types of primary immune cells or their progenitors
2) Culture of cell lines, primary human and rodent cells, specifically immune cells
3) Isolation and analysis of human immune cells from human donor blood
4) Activation of human and mouse immune cells and analysis of activation states
5) FACS sorting and analysis expertise
6) Cell uptake assays
8) Preclinical tumor models (rodents)
9) Strong knowledge of statistical methods
10) Good scientific communication and writing
11) Molecular imaging experience a plus

1) Design and perform research experiments
2) Analyze data
3) Write project reports and present data
5) Small business grant writing
7) Supervise or train new interns or technicians as needed

Personal Attributes:
1) Highly motivated
2) Collaborative