Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Behavioral & Environmental Enrichment Manager

Princeton, NJ, United States
May 23, 2019
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is the industry leader in immuno-oncology with life-saving medicines and a rich clinical portfolio of diverse modalities including monoclonal antibody, antibody drug conjugate, fusion protein, and combination regimes. We are creating innovative medicines for patients who are fighting serious diseases. We nurture our own team with inspiring work and challenging career options. No matter our role, each of us makes a contribution. And that makes all the difference.

The Veterinary Sciences (VS) department at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in Lawrenceville, NJ, a USDA and AAALAC accredited research facility, is seeking Behavior and Environmental Enrichment Manager to join a dynamic, fast-paced team involved in all aspects of the veterinary care program for multiple animal species, while providing technical and regulatory support for multiple therapeutic areas. The Behavioral and Environmental Enrichment Manager (BEEM) is responsible for oversight of the planning, implementation and management of the Enrichment Program spanning 2 vivarium in Central New Jersey and also leading the Global Enrichment Team spanning all of BMS's vivariums. Responsibilities include regularly exercising independent judgment and discretion in developing the enrichment program as well as working directly with the Program of Veterinary Care Lead to ensure compliance as mandated by federal law, regulations, accreditation standards and policies as set by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). In addition, this position will require performing daily clinical treatments, post approval monitoring, site visits to Contract Research Organizations as well as travel between Central New Jersey and California sites.

The candidate will have the opportunity to actively create the Behavioral and Environmental Enrichment Program locally as well as influence and lead across all BMS sites while implementing the 5 year strategy for the program. The candidate will be expected to increase the Veterinary Sciences internal and external scientific eminence, reputation and scientific contribution to BMS and the laboratory animal medicine community. The ideal candidate will have experience managing an behavior and environmental enrichment program in a USDA and AAALAC accredited facility, a strong commitment to animal welfare, promotion and transparency of biomedical research, staff development, the 3R's and the BMS Culture of Care.

Position Responsibilities

Working with the Program of Veterinary Care Program Lead, establish Behavior and Environmental Enrichment Program for the Hopewell and Lawrenceville New Jersey sites, and administer procedures to ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations and standards to maintain USDA standing and AAALAC accreditation of the animal care programs and facilities.

Lead the Global Behavior and Environmental Enrichment Team.

Develop documentation practices and oversee all animal medical records for behavioral information on all USDA covered animal species.

Evaluate enrichment devices for the animals' structural and social environment and provide opportunities for species-typical activities. This may include development of experimental design, data collection, and statistical analysis for projects focused on their evaluation.

Preparation of posters, publications and/or presentations for local and national meetings to increase BMS's external eminence.

Monitor colony behavioral health, and provide care for animals needing special attention and/or treatment.

Supply reports (written and/or verbal) as needed to the IACUC, USDA, AAALAC, or other regulatory agencies, or as needed or requested.

Work with and provide guidance to staff in preparation for regulatory inspections; resolve audit findings and oversee investigator interactions in regards to behavioral requirements.

Monitors proper use of edible and non-edible enrichment.

Meets periodically with the veterinary technical staff to discuss behavior and enrichment issues/ concerns.

Assist in providing treatments, clinical observations and maintenance of records for laboratory animals in our clinical records system, and under the guidance of a veterinarian, make basic clinical decisions.

Perform post approval monitoring, write reports and follow-up on implementation of any concerns as part of a team or alone.

Work with the Animal Welfare Assurance Office to assess contract studies for behavioral and enrichment practices. This may involve protocol review, virtual and in person site visits, and best practice and findings reports.

Some travel between sites on a daily basis may be necessary.

Travel for site visits, continuing education, and program management is required.

Collaborate and partner with the Translational Animal Pharmacology Lead to ensure support of Central New Jersey and Redwood City Discovery research teams.

Competencies - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations (AWAR) -9 CFR Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and AAALAC accrediting standards.

Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of species specific behavior, social status, and enrichment techniques to address them.

Must have a good understanding of animal welfare practices in the laboratory animal setting.

Must have a good understanding of working with and authoring standard operating procedures (SOPs) and a have demonstrated the ability to assess competency of individuals performing procedures in accordance with applicable SOPs.

Must be able to communicate effectively with a diverse workforce.

Must have a good understanding of basic computer operation and have an ability to acquire the skills needed for use of the company database for animal record management.

Must have good understanding of the requirements and proper use of personal protective equipment for entry into containment areas where potentially hazardous agents are being used and where exposure to zoonotic diseases is possible.

Must have some experience with objective writing and performance reviews.

Must have a general understanding of the research being conducted at Bristol-Myers Squibb in order to support the research effort and the Animal Welfare Assurance office.

Must have strong leadership skills.

Demonstrates Passion, Speed, Innovation, and Accountability in their daily work functions and cross departmental/cross site interactions.

Must have good understanding of the requirements and proper use of personal protective equipment for entry into containment areas where potentially hazardous agents are being used and where exposure to zoonotic diseases is possible.


Must have a minimum of 10 years previous experience in handling laboratory animals in a research based facility.

Must have strong technical skill sets in varying techniques in rodents, non-human primates, dogs, and other species as needed.

Must have experience with the use and maintenance of standard equipment within a research based animal facility.

Must have experience with regulatory inspections, participating in site visits and post approval monitoring.


Bachelor's degree in life sciences field of study is required.

AALAS certification at the Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) level is required.

Masters of Science (MS) in life sciences field of study and/or management and leadership is preferred.