Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Process Automation Specialist - 2nd Shift

Manati, PR, US
Feb 11, 2019
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time
Ensures the continue operations of all Process Equipment including programming and ongoing maintenance for Production, Facilities and Utilities Areas. Supports all equipment process control and automation systems assuring process control and automation systems operations are maintained considering plant policies, procedures and FDA regulations under cGMP's and other regulations applicable. Supports process integration for major computer system applications that impact the (Production, Facilities and Utilities) Areas. Performs process equipment analysis and recommends improvements to existing processes through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology and participates proactively as a team member of implementation projects for new integrated business application and process automation, providing consulting advice in the use and management of technology.

d) Installs, configures, troubleshoots, and maintains process control and automation systems. These systems include, not limited

to: PLCs, SCADAs/HMIs, microcontrollers, single loop controllers, DCS, interfaces and report development.

Provides user's training and continuous support to assure proper use of the software applications following established operational procedures and user support during problem solving situations associated with systems implementation and; also assess and prepares development training in target areas in order to increase technician's proficiency in current technology and assignments to support reliability program (e.g. FMEA/FMECA documents, root cause analysis, etc.) Reviews computer related software applications or computer programs to ensure that plant standards are met and that programs are capable of being integrated with other software applications as required. Troubleshoots and maintains process control and automation systems such as PLCs, SCADA, DCS, and Fourth generation languages for interfaces and reports development in the Manufacturing, Facilities and Utilities areas.

Evaluates, originates and closes change control documentation assuring the validated and compliance state of the environments and performs documentation of maintenance activities using Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) according to procedures.

Performs project management functions for the execution, implementation and start-up of process control and automation systems. Evaluates workload and capacity of process control and automation systems to determine feasibility for expanding, upgrading or enhancing operations. Reviews and tests programs to ensure that they meet manufacturers recommend requirements for hardware and software at the personal computer and/or host computer system level. Performs changes to applications, configurations or programming to assure software works as expected before installing it in the user environment. Provides project status through the use of project plans and perform best efforts to achieve projects milestones within the pre-established due dates and; provides alternatives and problem solving initiatives during possible project delays or possible showstoppers. Prepares or provides support in the preparation of procedures (e.g., Systems Life Cycle) and defines standards for software automation, system integration and defines the strategy for plant automation and process integration through an analysis and design/re-design of current systems and processes. Prepares and/or reviews process control and automation systems related procedures, such as: Backup/Restore, Disaster Recovery and/or maintenance activities (i.e. PMs and troubleshooting guides). Contacts hardware or software vendors (if applicable) to report problems and, coordinates and implements vendor recommendations when approved or accepted by the functional area owners. Assures reported problems are solved by implementing corrective actions like (but not limited) users retraining, changes to existing SOPs, applying software fixes or hardware fixes, information resources colleagues recommendations, etc. These activities must comply with current applicable change control procedures. Provides sound problem solving techniques to resolve issues and qualification problems. Assists in the management of Capital Appropriation Requests (CAR's), and timeline of process control and automation systems projects and implementation and/or initiatives.