Associate Director, Leadership Training

Lake County, IL, US
Feb 04, 2019
Administration, Training
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time
Strategically identify management/leadership training needs and supervise the delivery of training solutions for US Area Commercial and Field Medical Leadership to ensure development of skills necessary to compete in rapidly changing market place. Training will be designed to improve leadership performance and increase capabilities to help teams achieve their business objectives.

This role will be based in ABV1 in Mettawa, IL

Key Responsibilities Include:

Serve as an internal consultant on identifying gaps in performance and recommend solutions by developing current skills and elevating skill strengths. Supervise and manage the delivery of training to improve skills, elevate leadership capabilities, increase job satisfaction and improve quality of work. Utilize learning strategies, technologies and techniques to engage participants in a cost effective manner. Understand and adhere to legal, medical regulatory and compliance guidelines. Design, customization, improvement, and delivery of Leadership programs encompassing, but not limited to: Coaching, Ways We Work, Calibration, Leadership meetings, USLDP and intact team leadership sessions.
  • Consult with key stakeholders to identify leadership skills needed by US Area leadership to successfully compete in the rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Design, lead and manage the delivery of leadership skills learning solutions to US Area Leadership (new and experienced) including:
    • Marketing Managers/Directors, Field Medical Leadership, DMs, RMs, SDs, MHC leaders and any personnel in a US Area Leadership Role.
  • Assume a leadership role in the coordination of all coordinated training activities within US Area (marketing training, leadership development, Integrated Brand Management, Competency Model training, Sales leadership, etc)
  • Develop and execute learning solutions around skill, career, and personal development.
  • Ensure that all Leadership Development activities are holistic and ensure that they are conducted in an effective and efficient manner and the goals and objectives are met.
  • Ensure that goals and objectives of projects are consistent and aligned with the future needs of our US leaders
  • Coordinate training project execution to ensure all programs are compliant with purchasing regulations.
  • Negotiate with AbbVie approved vendors, secure POs and reconcile all accounting functions associated with the execution of training.
  • Provide continued customer/ commercial focus and assure that US Area Leadership is prepared to execute core job responsibilities (performance models).
  • Maintain and enhance customer feedback systems to assess the performance of the US Area organization.

Skills/Experience Requirements:
  • Senior US Commercial Leadership Development Manager must have experience in leading teams in order to design and implement training programs that will support quick and successful execution of key initiatives.
  • There must be a significant degree of understanding of the complexities of all the markets and key functions, as well as the skills that are required to compete in this constantly changing business environment.
  • Candidate should be recognized as a leader among peers and model Coaching, Situational Leadership, other best practices and leadership principles.
  • Ideal candidate would have previous experience in sale sales and marketing leadership and be a suited for Marketing Leadership, Field Medical Leadership, Regional Management or Training Director as a next step.
  • Must identify the skills required to be an effective and successful leader and analyze the needs of the US Commercial and Field Medical Leadership team/s to aid them in becoming more effective and successful in the future.
  • Must determine long-range training requirements and implement changes in the training program to reflect these requirements.
  • Must execute annual training plan.
  • Must evaluate the effectiveness of all training programs, based on the proficiency of management, to determine if the needs of US Area Commercial and Field Medical leaders are being met.
  • Must measure behavioral change that occurs after implementation of training programs and assess improvement in skill levels.

  • Bachelor's degree required.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled