Medicinal Chemist/Formulation Chemist

90025, West Los Angeles
Competitive Salary and benefits including stock options
Dec 07, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

Job Title: Medicinal Chemist

Department: Medicinal Chemistry

Location: Los Angeles (Westwood), CA

Reporting to: Chief Scientific Officer

Employment Type: Full time, exempt (salaried)

About Nammi Therapeutics, Inc.

Nammi Therapeutics is dedicated to developing the most effective cancer therapies with fewer side-effects, while reducing the cost burden, to both the patient and society, associated with alternative immuno-oncology technologies.  Nammi utilizes nanocarriers to deliver synergistic anti-tumor and immunomodulatory combinations to the tumor microenvironment. An immunogenic cell death inducing chemotherapy primes the cancer site for recruitment of cytotoxic T cells in solid tumors. The response is sustained and synergistically enhanced by co-delivery of an immune adjuvant. The combined effect represents a unique mechanism of action providing a robust, systemic anti-tumor immune response, which can eliminate primary and metastatic disease, with immune memory.

Job Summary

As the founding Medicinal Chemist at Nammi, you have the opportunity to help establish the department and its capabilities in this exciting and growing company.  The role will span discovery chemistry, analytics, process development, and manufacturing through a combination of internal resources and managing contract organizations.  Further, you will shape the department as it grows by carefully recruiting talented chemists with complementary skills to enable the creative innovation and development efficiency that will fuel Nammi‚Äôs success and provide ground-breaking cancer treatments.   

Job Responsibilities

  • Establish internal Medicinal Chemistry infrastructure and capabilities
  • Design and synthesize innovative structures to enable immuno-oncology pro-drug molecules that can be components of nanoparticles
  • Establish process for rapid assembly of multiple nanoparticles for analytics and biological evaluation
  • Interface with the Tumor Biology department to efficiently evaluate and select lead candidates for the development pipeline
  • Establish nanoparticle analytics capabilities
  • Establish Pharmacokinetics assay capabilities
  • Recruit a team of research associate(s) and potentially scientists to implement the capabilities established above
  • Create and maintain a safe, innovative, and positive environment for the Medicinal Chemistry Department

Job Qualifications


  • Ph.D in Medicinal chemistry plus >5 years post-graduate work experience
  • Experience working in industry as a medicinal chemist
  • Experience managing research associates



  • Experience in conjugation chemistry
  • Experience with nanotechnologies

The successful candidate will be offered a highly competitive compensation package including, salary, stock options, 401K, and Health benefits.

Interested candidates please submit a curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter to: