Senior Research Associate/Associate Scientist, Cell-based Assay Development, Neuroscience

San Carlos, CA
Nov 15, 2018
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

Alkahest is hiring a Senior Research Associate/Associate Scientist, Cell-based Assay Development, Neuroscience.  The candidate will help establish in vitro cellular assays to enable bioactive screening and mechanism of action studies.  The role is critical in assisting the scientific team in advancing our therapeutic understandings. The candidate will be involved in establishing, validating, and implementing methodologies and is thus pivotal to the company’s mission. Studies performed will involve cutting edge science and require innovative concepts and strategies. The role requires dedication to drive science, excellent communication and organization skills, attention to detail, flexibility, and the ability to interact with a multidisciplinary team of scientists and research associates to drive multiple projects in parallel. 


  • Isolating, purifying and maintaining primary neuronal and glial cells
  • Designing, planning, and performing cellular experiments
  • Use of molecular and biochemical methods, immunocytochemistry and microscopy
  • Generation and maintenance of stable cell lines
  • Maintaining familiarity with current scientific literature
  • Investigating and developing new methods and technologies for project advancement
  • Interfacing on a regular basis with lead scientific staff to organize, coordinate, schedule and execute experimental work.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned


  • A Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate degree in biology, cell biology, or Neuroscience is required (no postdoctoral experience required)
  • Minimum of five (5) years of progressively advancing responsibilities and technical experience in the lab
  • Experience with immunocytochemistry and microscopy is required
  • Multiple years of experience with primary neuronal tissue culture and cell-based assay development is required, experience with other peripheral primary cells and stem cells/progenitor cells is a plus
  • Experience with FACS is a plus
  • Experience with cell-based medium-throughput screening assays, vector design and construction, and conditional gene expression in mammalian systems is a plus 
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills that enable the individual to interact with all levels of management, technical and scientific personnel
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Solid knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, microscopy software and analytical packages such as Prism