Scientist, Discovery Research

Beltsville, MD
Nov 08, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

NextCure is seeking experienced, innovative and highly motivated scientists with expertise in cancer immunology and biological discovery research to join our growing team. This position will focus on research to discover and characterize novel immune modulatory molecules at NextCure for the immunotherapy of patients with cancer and other diseases. The scope of research includes functional gene library screening utilizing our Functional, Integrated NextCure Discovery in Immuno-Oncology (FIND-IOTM) platform, mechanistic studies for target validation, generation and testing of therapeutics targeting identified immune modulatory pathways, and translational studies. The selected candidate will work in a highly dynamic, proactive, multidisciplinary environment with the goal of rapidly moving novel biological immunotherapies to the clinic.


• Work with a team of scientist engaged in novel immune pathway discovery and validation

• Work closely with both management and research team to achieve objectives

• Planning, analysis and critical thinking regarding all aspects of NextCure Discovery research

• Maintenance of gene libraries, cell lines and other materials used for Discovery research

• Develop screening methodologies for identification of molecules with novel immune function

• Design, execute, analyze, interpret and present mechanistic and disease relevant studies

• Utilize high tech equipment and automation for high throughput Discovery research

• Perform in vitro and in vivo studies in a variety of disease and mechanistic models as necessary


• PhD in Immunology or related field with significant immunology background

• Strong background in theoretical and bench immunology (5+ years)

• Experience in immunology as it relates to cancer, autoimmunity, transplantation and inflammation

• Broad training in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics & bioinformatics is preferred

• Experience in molecular discovery projects and high throughput methodologies/instrumentation

• Significant experience with both human and murine in vitro assays and in vivo experimental models

• Expert knowledge and work with a variety of molecules, cell types, assay, models, and disease types

• Ability to independently perform, interpret and present experiments

• Demonstrated ability to work well in a team setting to achieve company objectives

• Strong record of expertise and innovation that will support Discovery research at NextCure

• Proven track record of publishing, writing and presentation skills

• Strong verbal and written communication skills

NextCure is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers a competitive salary and benefits package in a scientifically engaged team work environment. NextCure is located at 9000 Virginia Manor Road, Beltsville, MD 20705. Qualified candidates should email their resume to