PhD Immunologist

San Diego, CA
Nov 07, 2018
Science/R&D, Immunology
Required Education
Position Type
Full time


Research Scientist, Immunology and Immuno-Oncology

Actavalon is seeking a highly motivated Immunologist with expertise in immunology and cancer biology to join a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the discovery of small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. 


•    PhD in Immunology or Molecular Biology
•    Clearly demonstrated skill set in immunology or immuno-oncology is required. 
•    In-depth knowledge of T cell biology with extensive experience with mammalian cell culture is a must
•    Knowledge in the design, validation and execution of in vitro and ex vivo flow cytometry-based phenotypic assays and functional characterization of immune cell populations
•    Expertise in isolation, characterization and functional assay development using primary immune cells of rodent and human origin
•    Experience with in vivo tumor model development is desirable
•    Excellent communication and organization skills are a must
•    Attention to detail with excellent record keeping skills 
•    Positive outlook and a team-oriented attitude


•    Perform and analyze studies involving in vitro and ex vivo testing of Actavalon’s small molecule therapeutics
•    Assessment of T cell phenotype through multi-parameter flow cytometry
•    Assessment of T cell function using standard in vitro assays looking at proliferation, cytokine secretion, polyfunctionality, and target cell killing
•    Support programs at Actavalon in the areas of tumor immunology and immunotherapies

Actavalon is currently a resident company at the J&J Innovation center (JLABS) San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit

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