Data Scientist - Novartis / GNF

La Jolla, CA
Oct 08, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time

We are seeking a Data Scientist/Bioinformatician with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Bioinformatics or related disciplines to support research in understanding disease mechanisms and developing novel therapies. The position will work with multiple staining modalities including chromogenic immunohistochemistry (IHC), multiplexed imaging mass cytometry (IMC) and immunofluorescence (IF) for quantitative image analysis.

Essential Responsibilities:
• Develop and validate image analysis algorithms to characterize cellular phenotypes and quantitate molecular targets in situ within tissue sections
• Invent and implement algorithms for image quality measurement and improvement
• Research and implement new image and data processing technologies to create efficient and reusable solutions
• Team with pathologists, histotechnicians, and other data scientists to identify analysis requirements and propose study design
• Prepare study reports and present results, data and findings *Minimum requirements • Strong programming and data analysis skills in Python, Matlab or R, using Linux as the working platform 
• Solid understanding of machine learning technologies, including classification, regression, overfitting, cross-validation, hyper-parameter tuning 
• Solid understanding of core statistical concepts, such as the limitations of parametric and non-parametric statistical tests.
• A demonstrated background of developing novel approaches to solving image analysis problems
• Additional Skills (as a plus):
- Practical experience with quantitative image analysis software tools such as HALO, Definiens, or CellProfiler 
- A working knowledge of imaging platforms across a range of modalities 

GNF offers a unique environment to apply data science methodologies to large datasets originated from high-throughput drug research platforms, where data scientists help to accelerate the discovery of new medicines. The successful candidate will have many opportunities to study a variety of computational challenges, where solutions typically require the combination of multiple technologies, including bio/chem-informatics and machine/deep learning.

The Data Scientist is expected to be an independent researcher, who is skillful in surveying existing literature, finding solutions online, and conceiving new solutions. It is critical for the candidate to be self-motivated to continuously learn the latest developments in the nascent field of data science and actively explore their potential applications to biomedical problems.