Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Research Investigator

New Brunswick, NJ, US
Oct 07, 2018
Required Education
Position Type
Full time
Job Responsibilities:

As Research Investigator you will design and develop physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models to identify biopharmaceutics performance attributes that are critical for successful formulation design and development. The role includes emphasis on PBPK modeling to inform the development of large molecule therapeutic proteins. Simulations will be directly applied to influence the conduct and design of in vivo PK/PD studies that support the development and bridging of new drug products. The position also requires developing integrated biopharmaceutics modeling and simulation packages for regulatory interactions and dossier submissions.

This candidate must work in a collaborative environment to apply modeling/simulation, pharmaceutics, ADME, biophysical chemistry principles and technologies to deliver robust products to patients. The successful candidate will effectively manage development projects with minimal supervision and provide independent interactions with multiple functional groups including discovery, clinical pharmacology, clinical development, regulatory, and toxicology.

Job Requirements:

This position requires a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, Chemistry, or related scientific disciplines with 0 to 4 years of experience in biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetic absorption modeling and simulation. The candidate must be innovative and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to work effectively as an individual contributor in team environment

The successful candidate should be knowledgeable in pharmacokinetics, ADME, drug product formulation, bioanalytical characterization, and regulatory guidance documents for drug products. This includes a good understanding of formulation technologies, materials characterization (e.g. physical forms, solubility analysis, etc.), bioequivalence as well as the numerous physiological factors important to drug uptake and pharmacokinetics. Additionally, the candidate will demonstrate ability to interpret and analyze clinical/pre-clinical pharmacokinetic data and have some experience with common software platforms (e.g. Phoenix WinNonlin, simCYP, GastroPlus). Experience with pharmacokinetic modeling for subcutaneous route of administration, familiarity with oncology/tumor models, and computer programing skills for development of novel first principle models are also favorable.