Research Associate - Immune Cell Biology

La Jolla, CA
Oct 03, 2018
Required Education
Bachelors Degree
Position Type
Full time

The qualified candidate will be working with the team developing new assays that will support the functional profiling and safety evaluation of Synthorx therapeutic agents. He/she will implement a variety of cellular assays to monitor the in vitro and ex vivo pharmacology of large molecule (biologic) leads at T and natural killer (NK) cell subsets. The candidate will also play a key role in the design and implementation of read-outs for T cell function and immune toxicity (cytokine release, vascular leakage), including samples from in vivo studies. He/she will actively scout the pre-clinical and clinical literature, and patent records, in search for example molecules and study systems to test the pharmacological and safety properties of current and future targets in the Synthorx portfolio.


• Perform ELISA and MSD assays from plasma samples and cell culture, as well as summarize data

• Develop appropriate immunoassays to support analysis of large molecule pharmacology in in vivo models

• Culture and maintain cell lines and primary cells, for cell-based assays. Extensive experience with immune cells is a required

• Proficiency in the isolation and characterization of blood cell subpopulations employing cytometry and additional methods for immune cell analysis

• Manage mammalian cell stock inventory

• Implement complex cellular assays (flow cytometry, lymphocyte quantification, T cell stimulation, etc.)

• Coordinate with other lab members day-to-day lab activities including equipment maintenance, reagent orders, restocking consumables, etc. 

• Effective work and communication with group members and contract research organizations, in a dynamic and fast paced environment to accomplish goals

• Execute, set up and develop protocols and assays, keep accurate and organized records of data, analyze and summarize results in the form of written reports and presentation slides, and present findings in small group meetings. 

• Meet objective within defined target timeframes


• BS or MS in biomedical sciences

• 2+ years lab experience in Immunology or related field

• Hands-on expertise with diverse immunoassays (MSD, ELISA, Luminex, and beads-based assays) is highly desirable. 

• Experience with human PBMC preparation and tumor dissociation from animal models is a requirement 

• Hands on expertise with in vitro functional assay development is desired, such as T cells / PBMC stimulation and coculture assays. 

• Experience with multiparametric flow cytometry is a plus

• Experience with animal models is a plus

• Familiarity with BSL-2 protocols and best-practices is a plus

• Candidates should have effective oral and written communication skills, must be self-motivated and highly organized with strong record-keeping skill and able to work independently in a fast-paced research environment.